Facebook Ad Strategies for Increased Sales and Conversions

Facebook Ad Strategies for Increased Sales and Conversions

Buying high-quality traffic is not the challenge.


The challenge is crafting an offer that converts at a profit.


This week we are looking at a campaign from Susie Moore.


Susie is currently in the middle of a webinar launch.


When I went looking for her ads, I got a surprise.


Susie’s entire ad library focused on her evergreen launch.


Most ads have been live since Nov 2022. (AKA these ads are killing it!)


But that wasn’t the surprise. Check out the Now Launching section for the surprise.


So enough chit-chat. Let’s get down to the ad copy.

Facebook Ad Strategies

I had to pick this ad as it features my good friend Andrew Woodward. What up Woody!


Social proof is one of the strongest psychological conversion tools we can use. 


Social proof takes many forms.


In this ad (as in 90% of her other ads) Susie uses the before and after frame.


It provides social proof that Susie’s methods work. 


And more importantly, paints a picture of what someone’s life looks like after her program.


First the ad connects with the frustration and the pain.


“Andrew was about to give up on his financial coaching business” 

(never let the truth get in the way of good ad copy!)


Then he took my program, and now this is how his life has changed.


The real trick with transformation is to make it as specific as possible.


Susie does a great job of connecting media exposure to the ultimate goal….


…increased conversion rates and sales….


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