The Power of Facebook Ads for Course Sales Success

The Power of Facebook Ads for Course Sales Success

From short form last week to long form this week.

Let’s look at a Paul Xavier ad for his $48, 14-Day Film Maker Course.

And boy, do these long-form ads convert. 

There are versions of this ad running since August 2022.

Paul has a big budget behind this campaign. 

These two factors tell me this ad is absolutely crushing it.

This week I will break the ad into 3 sections:

  • Countercultural or controversial hooks are a solid way to open an ad. People love an underdog. They love it when the majority get it wrong. It creates a sense of us against them, and we’re in the know. It’s like a secret handshake for a club.
  • 14 days is specific; it feels short and immediate but also long enough to learn something worthwhile.
  • Straight away, Paul dives into the program’s benefits and the specific outcomes you will achieve in 14 days.  
  • My only comment for improvement is to reduce the first block to 3 points or a single line. Cinematic videos, 14 days, just your cellphone.
  • Then we have a social proof section. Succinct and to the point. As course creators, one of the biggest hurdles we must overcome is – “I purchased something like this before, and it was crap” 
  • All 3 testimonials deal with this head-on. Not all glowing testimonials are equal. Work with your clients to get the testimonials that will have the greatest impact. Know the objections you must overcome and interview your clients to get the testimonials to address them.

Finally, we have the stuff and details section. Ordinarily, I leave the product price out of the ad. In this case, as it is heavily discounted and just $48, it’s worth a try and obviously working for Paul.   

Part of the reason I believe this works is the compelling offer. Ordinarily, I would expect to pay $198 for a course that offers all this. So when I see the discounted price, it makes it even more appealing.


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L – Latest News

Here’s the skinny on the new Facebook updates

We’re only 30 days into 2023, and Facebook have already released 4 updates to the ad platform. Here’s an overview of all 4 updates and thier impact on you the advertiser. 

Don’t sleep on Twitter ads… In Elon we trust!

It’s like they read our minds and knew we needed a way to reach those high-intent Twitter users. So, if you’re an advertiser on Twitter, don’t miss out on this opportunity to step up your game and get your message in front of the right people at the right time. 

Capture email address direct from your Instagram profile

Instagram just added a new ‘Lead Form’ option to your IG business profile CTA buttons, giving you new ways to caputre emails from youor profile. You can now choose between a standard data collection CTA or add custom questions to better understand your followers and gather more information for follow-up and planning. 

It’s time to check your IG CTA options and see how you can use this new feature to your advantage!

A – A.I. For Growth

From a presentation zero to a presentation hero 

Say goodbye to boring slide decks and hello to professional presentations in seconds. With just a few clicks and no credit card required, you’ll be ready to impress with your newfound presentation prowess

The future of video creation has arrived! 

Say goodbye to hiring a crew and renting a studio, with Yepic you can turn your text into a professional video in just 4 easy steps. Choose an avatar, type your script, customize it and voila! Get your video ready in minutes. Try it now with a 14-day risk-free trial.

Get ready to unleash your inner Spielberg with Pictory’s Video Course Creator! 

This bad boy takes the boring out of creating courses by letting you edit videos with text, choose from 3 million+ stock assets, and brand your content like a boss – all in minutes! Say goodbye to shaky camera shots and hello to lightning-fast productivity.

U – Uplevel Ads

This week’s deep dive: Don Millar’s Business Made Simple Coach Certification Funnel! 

So buckle up buttercup and let’s explore a multi-million $$$$ funnel.

  • What to copy:

    • Don’t be afraid to experiment with short ad copy. I always start my campaigns with short, medium, and long-form ad copy. Having reviewed hundreds of Don’s ads, he is a fan of short/medium form copy.
    • Drafting short-form copy forces you to distill your primary promise into its most potent form. I start with short form and then expand rather than cutting down my long-form copy.
    • Don opens with a question, this is a good hook mechanism. It instantly positions your audience and grabs their attention. The questions speaks to the primary pain point of most coaches.
    • Raising a counterintuitive / countercultural point is a useful copy mechanism to provoke interest. I love how simple Don’s message is here – exposing the build it, and they will come fallacy.
    • Great use once again of the 3/5/7 Secrets/Steps

    What we’d test:

    • Overall this is a solid ad. I have no doubt it is converting well for Don. A word of caution, however, if you don’t have Don’s brand and guru status, you may need to work harder.
    • There is very little in the way of transformation in this ad. Profitable, sustainable growth is abstract. I would test copy that connects with the life a Business Made Simple Coach would like to live.
    • While the ad calls out the primary pain point, it could be more powerfully positioned through a story. For example, tell the story of a coach or even from Don’s early days in business when he didn’t have a proven process or model to follow.
    • Insert a quote from a frustrated coach who was struggling to make ends meet
    • The CTA is wrapped up with the primary promise. I would prefer to split these out and add an additional line with a more prominent CTA. People need direct instruction. Tell them the steps they need to take. 
    • Go negative with the headline – Avoid These 3 Mistakes


    N – Now Launching

    The funnel structure is:


What to copy:

  • This is a very simple above the fold opt-in page
  • The CTA is clear
  • Outlining the “on-demand” nature seeks to appease peoples need for immediate gratification

What we’d test:

  • Unusually Don uses video on the opt-in page. I would test versions with and without video. In my experience video ont he opt-in page reduces conversion reates.
  • The Business Coaches Cheklist PDF, eventhough valuable, is confusing and leads people in another direction. Stick to one call per action per landing page. I would test a seperate funnel for the checklist or inlcude the checklist as a bonus for registering for the webinar.
  • Deliver a proven curriculum is a strong proposition. Scale your coaching business and get serious results for your clients are vague. Either the topic for the webinar needs to change or more specific hooks need to be found to explain how coaches lives will change once they have implemented what they learn in this video.
  • Add a subheadline, 1-2 lines of text and 3-5 bullet points in place of the video to get coaches excited about will be possible for them registering.


C – Conversion Psychology

Want the secret sauce to getting more leads and sales?

Ever wonder why some copy grabs you and compels you to action?

One of the strongest psychological triggers you fire is LOSS AVERSION. 

Here’s the 30 second overview of what it is and how to use it…

  1. So, what is loss aversion? It’s the idea that we’re more motivated to avoid losses than to acquire gains. The fear of losing something is more powerful than the desire to gain something. Twice as powerful to be exact (we’ll do more to avoid losing $500 than make $1,000) 
  2. How do you use this to your advantage? Simple – communicate the potential losses from inaction clearly in your copy. Don’t just focus on the benefits of your course or membership; focus on the problems or struggles people will face if they don’t sign up.
  3. Facebook ads? Highlight the loss of valuable information, skills, or resources if someone doesn’t follow through with your CTA. Opt-in pages and sales pages? Focus on the loss of time, money, or opportunity.
  4. Email copy? Use subject lines that focus on a specific problem or challenge your audience faces. Like “Unlock the solution to [problem]” or “Say goodbye to [problem]” “Eliminate [problem] for good”.
  5. And don’t forget to use social proof – testimonials or success stories – to show the losses people avoided by taking action. Like “John saved $10,000 by enrolling in our course” or “Mary went from dead-end job to thriving business owner 3 months after joining” 

H – Hot Take



Hahahhahah… Nice one Charlie! 

But seriously, what story are you telling yourself that is keeping you from making progress?

What you do matters. 

Keep going.

The world needs you.



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