Effective Strategies in Facebook Ads for a 3-Part Workshop

Effective Strategies in Facebook Ads for a 3-Part Workshop

It’s fight night, and the Mr Miyagi of the launch world has stepped into the ring, “Let’s get ready to rumble!” Jeff Walker is warming up for a fascinating 3 phase launch process. 

More on that in the Now Launching segment, but let’s dive into one of Jeff’s Facebook Ads.

This ad is driving people to a registration page for, yes, you guessed it, a 3-part workshop – Countdown To Launch – Free 3-Day Live Challenge.


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • Join the conversation: Jeff immediately joins the conversation in people’s heads. “If you’ve been sitting on a great business idea…. But have no idea if people will pay for it or not”. A lot is going on in this one sentence. Jeff hits a pain point. So many people want to start a business and believe they have a great idea but don’t know what to do next. Jeff shows that he understands his audience by voicing inner feelings, thoughts and conversations his audience is having. Jeff also calls out their big challenge. Even if my idea is good, how will I get people to pay for it?

  • Take A Counter Intuitive Stance: Next, Jeff builds interest by introducing a “crucial” (hidden, secret, missing) step. This step will bring you from where you are stuck (idea phase) to your dream state (profitable business). But it’s not what you would expect. It’s what makes people “BELIEVE” in a product or service. To an aspiring entrepreneur, this opens up a host of new opportunities. It wasn’t that their idea was wrong. They just hadn’t found this secret sauce that would make people believe in their product and buy it. This is why they failed before. This is why it will be different this time.

  • Tackle Objections: “If you’ve got an idea for a transformation product, program or course, you don’t have to have an MBA, wait for the “perfect” time, or have a flawlessly polished offering” What holds people back the most are feeling like they need to learn more or now is not the right time, or they need things to be perfect. It’s the exact same for your audience. Call this out but the key is to tell them what the magic antidote is to help them move forward with confidence. 

3 Elements We’d Test:

  • Simplify The Language: “then I’ve got exactly the key information you’ve been missing” Sometimes, we feel the need to stack adjectives and adverbs into our copy. Often this can detract from our message and lose our audience. It would be interesting to see if “then I’ve got the critical information you’ve been missing”. It’s only a change of two words but sometimes that can have a big impact on results.
  • Simple URLS: The URL’s in the body copy are very long and complex. https://productlaunchformula.com/PLFLive2023/challenge/. It would be interesting to test if the url https://productlaunchformula.com/challenge/ performs better. The less unnecessary information we give our audience to process, the higher the conversion rate. It could be that Jeff wants to pre-introduce PLFLive through the url, but that may be trying to be too smart. Goal #1 is to get people off Facebook to your landing page.

  • Formatting: This is something small but it still plays into the vision your audience creates of you. Make sure to review your ads before they go live. We can see the url in the middle of the ad has fallen off its bullet point. This will have a tiny impact on conversion rates if any but it is still worth noting. Make sure to review your ads before you hit publish. After doing all the work sometimes all you want to do is hit that publish button and go live but always stand back. Take a mental break and come back to review your ad copy and creative later with fresh eyes. You’ll be surprised what you’ll pick up. (PS. Deliberate mistakes and errors can result in higher conversion rates. It’s a risky strategy and one I would only attempt after every other avenue was explored!)