Recurring Revenue Model 3 – Group Coaching & Mastermind

Imagine money dropping into your bank account month after month without needing to make more sales.


That is exactly what recurring revenue is and if you want it in your online business fast, listen up.


The 3rd leveraged online recurring revenue model is Group Coaching & Masterminds.


These formats have higher levels of interaction and intimacy than our front-end or back-end memberships.


So the meetings will be more frequent and in smaller groups.


Small group coaching packages normally range in the $197 – $997 per month range while Masterminds are normally from $997 – $3,000 per month.


Obviously, the higher price tags will dictate that your members will want a greater return on their investment.


I will often encourage new online businesses to start with a small group coaching program as often it is easier to identify and bring your biggest fans onboard at a higher price point than trying to attract more people at a lower price point.


And, if you want to attract a continuous stream of highly qualified leads at scale make sure you check out some of my other videos on lead generation strategies for course creators and membership site owners.

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