Optimizing Ads for Free Challenge Opt-ins


Now that you have seen the opt-in page, you might as well look at one of the Facebook Ads Russel uses to drive traffic to his 5 Day Lead Challenge.


This is what I classify as a medium-form ad. Russel and his team are fantastic storytellers and copywriters, so most of his ads are long-form, but this one gets down to business quickly.

Some key takeaways:


What would you do with an extra 10, 100 or 1,000 New Leads Per Day? I love this. He has made something that is unquantifiable specific. A wide range of people will join the challenge. They will have varying goals and dreams. They will also have varying limiting beliefs. 

I usually am not a fan of casting a wide net. Specificity for the WIN! But I think this headline does a great job of appealing to a broad audience in a specific manner.



Don’t be lazy. If you use the description section, don’t just repeat the headline. It looks silly. 

As the description only shows in a couple of ad formats, I have stoped using it. Sometimes I like to throw in an Easter egg but that is how I look on it.


Russell and his team crank out creatives like there is no tomorrow. It is not unusual to see 10-20 creative variations for a single ad.

They do a great job of creating curiosity in this image. “What’s under the post-it notes?” “What’s the magnet that is attracting all the leads?” 

I also think the handwritten flip chart brings an element of authenticity and personal touch to the ad.

Talking about personal, I’ve found that creatives with the key person or entrepreneur, can outperform stock or non-human images. When launching ad campaigns for course creators and membership site owners, I always include at least one image or video of the key person.


A solid hook. Who doesn’t want an “endless stream of hot leads for your business”?

It could be argued that this isn’t the most imaginative hook and it certainly isn’t unique. For Russel, this is ok because he has the name and brand to carry it. For us mere mortals we may have to try a little harder.

The hook leads you into the headline from the opt-in page. When starting a lead generation campaign this is always one of the first ads I draft. The ad stats will give you immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the core promise, headline, and body copy. You can then use your ad data to optimize your opt-in.

Notice that Russel doesn’t simply list what he will talk about each day. Words like “Unlimited Leads” & “Creating Your Onepager” build curiosity and intrigue.

It is always a good idea to include links to your opt-in page in the body of your ad copy. This increases your Outbound Click-Through Rate (CTR). That’s the second critical success metric of any campaign.

All Caps is a good way of drawing attention to elements in an otherwise very plain section. Use it sparingly, however, as neither Facebook nor their users like you shouting all the time!


If you do want to add additional formatting like bold, italics, strikethrough etc. to your body copy, check out this website: https://yaytext.com/

Again, use sparingly and be aware that your formatting might not always show up.


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