Optimize Your Funnel: Expert Lead Magnet Opt-in Page Tactics


Let’s take a look at a Lead Magnet opt-in page for Aleric Heck that will help you optimize your funnel.

This is a simple single-screen structure with all info above the fold.

Headline, body copy, form, image, and CTA. 

My favorite layout for an opt-in page.

The ultimate goal of the funnel is to get people to book a call.

Aleric is using the phone number to qualify people and also enable his team to follow up even if people don’t take the option to book a call.

Asking for a phone number will reduce your on page conversion, but it will increase the quality of people entering the funnel.

I love the “Free Bonus Gift”. 

Remember, people don’t know they have entered a book-a-call funnel.

Aleric positions the call as the free bonus. This is a wonderful reframe, which will work a treat to optimize your funnel.

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