Opt-in Page Review – Codie Sanchez – Webinar Registration Page

Who doesn’t love a good webinar?

Here’s an above-the-fold view from a Codie Sanchez webinar registration page.

Codie has seen exponential growth over the past few years building her email list to over 400,000.

People love steps and frameworks. 

They want a silver bullet that will make their dreams come true with 0 work.

We know (most times) that’s not possible but we have to meet them where they are.

I love the headline. It is clear and teases an extraordinary promise.

Buy a business in just 10 steps that throws off free cashflow from day 1.

Everyone knows that buying a business is complicated. 

But Codie breaks it down into just 10 steps. And who can’t follow 10 simple steps?

The sub-headline introduces the concept of “volatile markets” 

Even a casual observer of markets knows that’s when the most opportunity exists.

But then Codie introduces an awesome twist.

A “Boring Business” is an antidote to “volatile markets”. 

The contrast here stokes interest and curiosity.

Your audience will always have objections. Make sure you deal with them front and centre.

Codie does this nicely with “FREE” and “No prior experience needed”.

A great question to ask yourself.

What objections does my audience have to registering for my webinar or lead magnet?

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