A.I. Prompt of the Week

Prompt Objective: 

ChatGPT Facebook Ad Drafting Prompt Series – Step 2

Continue in the same chat as Step 1.

Today’s prompt is: 

  • Step 2 – What are my audience’s biggest pain points 

Prompt Outline:

I want you to act as an expert Facebook ad copywriter. 

My product/membership is {NAME}, and it helps people do {PRIMARY OUTCOME}.

My avatar is {AVATAR DETAILS}

Your job is to create high-converting Facebook ad copy that attracts and positions our audience so they are ready to buy our product.

Before we draft the Facebook ads, I want you to research the primary pain points of my audience.

What are the biggest challenges holding them back from getting the desired result?

List the challenges in order of importance.

Prompt Use Case

  • Step 2 in the ChatGPT Facebook ad drafting process

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