Mastering Facebook Ads for Course Creators

Let’s look at a Facebook ad for Chalene Johnson’s InstaClub Hub.


A strong opening hook is essential for a high performing ad. 


The job of the hook is to capture your attention. 


If you are interested in Instagram, discovering the secrets of the big influencers will immediately reel you in. 


There are many types of hooks: pattern interrupts, questions, problem solution, curiosity, controversy, fun/clever, story, and value. 


Experiment with them all and see what works best for you.


After the hook, Chalene answers two big objections – I don’t have time, and the Instagram algorithm changes all the time. 


Your audience has objections. 


It may seem counterintuitive but if you don’t tackle their objections openly they won’t take action.


 The trick is to turn their objections into the reason why they must do what you are asking. 


In this case – the algorithm is always changing – That’s why we give 1 hour LIVE training every other week.

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