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L – Leads

Did someone say romance?


Hey….”love” needs funnels too.


Let’s dive into a Funnel by “Get The Guy” Matthew Hussey.


The funnel kicks off with a free training – Dating WIth Results.


This super clean registration page is a masterclass in copy.

webinar opt-in page

The promise is right there in the title “Dating With Results” 


But it’s the pre-header and body copy I love.


“Transform Your Love Life and Start Turing Chemistry Into Commitment”


“Turn Chemistry Into Commitment” is a beautiful line. 


Take every opportunity you can to introduce alliteration or rhyming into your copy.


Matthew uses bold to draw attention to keywords in the copy. 


Remember, people scan, not read your opt-in page. 


Help them pick out the most important words on your page with bold.


Take some time to study the 6 bullet points outlining the content of the free training.


Each one is strong enough to stand alone as an opt-in page headline


And that’s how you should think when drafting your copy.


Matthew builds curiosity and excitement. 


He introduces frameworks, stages and 4-word scripts. He talks to pain points and desires.


Finally, he wraps up with avatar callouts to position his audience.


This is one hell of an opt-in page.


And best of all…. simple to recreate for your topic…


Opt-in Page Swipe File:

SWIPE FILE – 0065 – Matthew Hussey – Webinar Registration Page 

A – A.I. Growth Prompts

Prompt Objective:


To generate lead magnet ideas your audience will go wild over. 


Prompt Outline:


Part 1


I want you to act as an expert direct-response copywriter.


Your job today is to help me develop ideas for a lead magnet that the second my audience sees, it will instantly be something they know they must have.


We will send paid and organic traffic to opt-in for the lead magnet.


Your goal is to create a high-converting lead magnet that triggers the maximum number of opt-ins.


A high-converting lead magnet has the following characteristics:

  • Solves the number one pain point my audience faces
  • Deals with one specific topic only
  • Provides practical, actionable steps for people to solve their problem
  • Promises a framework, process, cheat sheet or step-plan people can follow
  • Guarantees a highly desirable outcome in the shortest time frame possible, with the least amount of work required
  • Makes achieving the outcome feel easy
  • Can be consumed and implemented within 15 minutes of downloading


I help {description of how you help your clients}


My audience are {audience description}

Their ultimate goal is {audience goal}

After they opt-in {describe the next steps in your funnel and offers that will be made}


Before suggesting ideas for lead magnets please tell me the biggest pain points that keep my audience awake at night and the challenges that they face. 


Part 2

Thank you.


Based on your research, please suggest some high-converting lead magnet titles that solve our avatar’s biggest pain point, which they will instantly desire.


In addition, ensure that the titles you suggest position and prepare them so they are ready to take the next step in the funnel.


Draft your titles in the style and manner of Todd Brown, Eugene Schwartz and David Ovigly.


Please include a combination of current pain points and future desired transformation.


Please suggest 5 titles under each of the following headings

3/5/7 steps to….

3/5/7 biggest {pitfalls} and how to avoid them

How to achieve {desired outcome} without {primary pain}


Step plans


Cheat sheets



Swipe files

Webinars, Workshops and Free Trainings


A.I. Growth Prompt Swipe File:

SWIPE FILE – 0065 – ChatGPT Prompt of the Week – Lead Magnet Idea Generation

U – Uplevel Ads


Short and sweet today.


And I’m not going to ruin it by over-explaining this…..




Facebook Ad Swipe File:

SWIPE FILE – 0065 – Matthew Hussey – FB ad to Free Workshop

N – Now Launching

Membership Offer Page

Matthew’s excellent copy follows through to his sales page.




Simple and to the point. 


Promises his avatar the number 1 thing they want – a committed relationship.


Makes it sound simple – “What, there are only three steps?”


Provides a guarantee via a “formula”.


Highlights that people will get 3 free bonuses worth $447 when they sign up.


This is a great price anchor for a membership costing $69.95 per month or an annual sub costing $41 per month.


Offer Page Swipe File:

SWIPE FILE – 0065 – Matthew Hussey – Membership offer page

C – Conversion Optimization

Does your Facebook ad performance crash when you increase the budget?


There’s nothing worse than seeing a high-performing ad die.


Here are 5 rules to scale your ads while improving your ROI. 


Scaling is one of the biggest challenges online course, and membership site owners face with Facebook ads. You finally have an ad that’s performing, you up the budget, and when you check back, the performance has plummeted. Here’s what to do instead.


Rule 1 – Never mess with a performing ad or ad set

Incremental budget increases are fine but big jumps could kill your performance. Instead, duplicate the ad set with an increased budget. No matter what happens, at least you’ve protected the winning ad.


Rule 2 – Test with ABO, Scale with CBO

When testing audiences and creative, use ABO or Ad Set Budget Optimization. When you want to scale, move the winning creative and audiences into a CBO or Advantage Campaign Budget.


Rule 3 – Your ads will fatigue quicker

Your ad creative and copy will fatigue quicker when scaling. Stay ahead of the game by constantly testing and refreshing your ad visuals and copy to keep your audience engaged and your campaigns profitable.


Rule 4 – Use horizontal and vertical scaling

Use a mix of the two scaling strategies. Horizontal scaling means selecting new audiences for your ads, creating more opportunities to spend your budget. Vertical scaling involves increasing your ad spend while keeping the same target audience. 


Rule 5 – Your offer is key

Your offer may convert in a corner of your market. That doesn’t mean it’s going to appeal at scale. The biggest scaling challenges I’ve helped my clients overcome have involved optimizing the offer. This is the 20% that will get you 80% of your results.


Follow these 5 Rules for Scaling Facebook Ad Campaign and you’ll be well on your way to a profitable and rewarding online business.  Don’t forget to test, test, test! Try out different ad formats, copy, and visuals to see what resonates best with your audience. 

H – Hot Take



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