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Google falls behind in AI race as competitors outpace its innovation and research efforts

Google is falling behind competitors in AI as they have failed to maximize their own inventions and have kept their best researchers focused on corporate strategy. While Google has made advances in AI computation hardware and developer platforms, competitors like OpenAI are making progress in large language models and AGI, and inventing new technologies such as DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT.

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Get ahead of the game with Pinterest Academy! 

Sharpen your Pin marketing skills with their refreshed education courses, including video and visual elements, and earn achievement badges along the way. With 450 million users and a focus on shopping intent, it’s worth digging deeper into the platform and seeing how it can benefit your brand. Plus, who doesn’t love a good achievement badge?

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Boost your TikTok game with Promote

TikTok just made it easier to turn your existing videos into ads with its new targeting and boosting features on the Promote platform, so you can finally take a step up in your influencer career. The new features give TikTok creators additional tools to target their desired communities, making it a great opportunity to increase your organic content’s visibility and amplify your creator marketing budgets.

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Twitter causes uproar among users as it makes TweetDeck exclusive to Twitter Blue subscribers

Twitter’s latest move to make TweetDeck a Twitter Blue exclusive feature has many Twitter users up in arms. The move is seen as a way to boost Twitter Blue’s subscriber base, which currently has around 300,000 paying subscribers, a far cry from the 33 million needed for it to make up 50% of Twitter’s overall revenue. But will making TweetDeck a Blue exclusive feature really help? Only time will tell, and we’ll be here to report on all the Twitter drama as it unfolds.

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