Landing Page Review – Matthew McConaughey – Pre-Launch Opt-in

  • The Art Of Livin’ was a pre-launch workshop for his course Roadtrip priced at $397.

    Here’s the crazy thing. 2.4 million people registered for the event.

    Now, I don’t have exact numbers for the launch revenue, but by piecing together some info, we can come up with some round figures.

    50 meals were donated through Feeding America on behalf of everyone who purchased the course.

    They reported that 1.2 million meals were donated.

    If you run the numbers, this means that 240,000 people purchased the course.

    So Mr. alright, alright, alright brought in $9.5 million in sales.

    And, remember that isn’t including the VIP upgrades on the front end. 

    Not bad for your first launch!

    Let’s dive into the Art Of Livin’ opt-in page:


The copy is irrelevant. The image does all the heavy lifting. Now we may not be able to pick up our phone and call Tony Robbins to get him to co-present on our pre-launch workshop. Still, the question you should be asking is:

  • Who could I work with that has an established audience, is complementary but not a direct competitor, and would instantly elevate my status? 

If you are not “A” level yet, that’s ok. Start building a network of people a couple steps ahead of you.



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