Facebook ad Review – Marisa Murgatroyd – FB ad to Free Workshop

Sometimes, it’s best just to give people all the information they need to decide up front.


There is an interesting touch here promoting two workshops per day over three days at different times.


This will maximise the number of people attending at least one of the sessions.


However, it may mean that fewer people will attend all three sessions.


I would love to see Marisa’s data on % of attendees who view all three sessions.


I love the simplicity of the ad format:

  • Hook (self-interest – your course sells)
  • Details (it’s convenient)
  • No. 1 reason you should attend
  • What you’ll learn
  • Why you should register now
  • CTA


Oh and just because you’ve delivered the workshops doesn’t mean you have to stop your ads.


The “Access All Areas” pass is a great reason to run ads to your opt-in up to the last day or two of your launch.


In fact often, these ads will perform better because of a sense of immediate gratification.

Facebook Ad Swipe Files:


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