Facebook ad Review – Codie Sanchez – Facebook ad to free webinar

Simple ad format here from Codie. She lets the Creative do the talking.

There’s lots of debate as to whether a native image without any test performs better than an ad style image.

The truth is they both work. And, they can both work even in the same account and the same campaign.

Your job is to test both in every campaign and see which one gets the best results for you.

This image has a massive hook.

Learn how to buy successful businesses with other people’s money.

Oh, my word. While buying a successful business is awesome. 

Buying a successful business with OPM is the ultimate hack.

She then backs this up with some massive social proof…..

Join 20,000+ people.

And our most popular word used in lead gen ads….. FREE.

Facebook Ad Swipe Files:


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