Crafting Irresistible Headlines for Your Membership Sales Page

Let’s look at the above the fold of a sales page for the InstaClubHub membership.


David Ogivly said: “When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar”


Headline doesn’t get much clearer than this – Convert More Followers into Paying Customers and Build Your Business on Instagram® (All In Just 5 Minutes a Day!). 


It’s specific, it promises you’ll make more money, it speaks to a desired outcome, and it promises you’ll get all that in 5 minutes. How simple and beautiful.


Countdown timers create urgency. Everyone who lands on the page gets 10 minutes. 


Nothing happens after the countdown timer expires. 95% of people will never question it but will feel the pressure of the ticking clock. 


Make sure all your promotions have deadlines that drive urgency.

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