Crafting an Irresistible Membership Offer Page

Membership Offer Page

This is a Waitlist version of the offer page


What captured my attention on this offer page was the Success Path description.


Being a disciple of Stu McLaren, Patty was always going to have a strong success path.


But how she worked it into her offer page is sheer genius.


First we have the introduction:

Membership Offer Page

Memberships are a tough sell. You’re often asking people to sign up for an: 

  • undefined length of time
  • undefined amount of money
  • undefined outcome
  • undefined timeline to outcome


A success path brings specificity to what can otherwise be a very abstract offer.


Dream It – Plan It – Teach It – Grow It


Simple, but as a prospective member, I instantly know the path I will follow.


But then there is the real knockout punch:


Want to see the wins you’ll celebrate at each stage?


Many people struggle with making concrete promises for their membership.


Patty nails it in a very simple and easy to understand way:

Membership Offer Page
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