Copywriting Secrets of a 5-Day Challenge Opt-In Page Revealed


Love or hate his style, Russel Brunson’s copy is always on point. This is a simple above-the-fold opt-in page for a 5 Day Challenge. 

Some key takeaways:

  1. The countdown timer in the header instantly creates urgency.
  2. The attention section instantly helps people identify if this is for them and answers the question, “do I belong here?”.
  3. “5 Short Days” “5 days”: tells people when exactly they can expect the promised result, and “short” gives a feeling of reducing the time delay to achieving the key promise.
  4. “Exact Step By Step Method” provides a container for how the results will be delivered. It tells you that Russel has a process. He isn’t just making stuff up on the spot. It tells you that he has helped others do it before. It tells you that if you follow the process, you too can get the promised result.
  5. Russel stresses the words “For Free” twice. This is proven to increase on-page conversions. However, some people worry that it will attract a certain sort of individual that is interested in “For Free” but may not be as interested when it comes to a “For Fee” offer.
  6. The additional bonus here is smart. Getting an opt-in for a challenge, webinar or launch is only the starting point on the path to a sale. Once you have their email address, you have to work as hard if not harder, to get them to show up for the deliverable. Russel seeds this early in play.
    Not one but two “free listing building software products” from the founder of the No.1 lead generation and sales software company in the world is a big incentive. But to get it you have to show up.
  7. The Call To Action (CTA) is strong and clear. The green is not a Clickfunnels brand color. You will also notice that it is a different green than is used in the logo and the countdown timer. The goal is to ensure that the CTA is unique and stands out on the page. Psychologically while green is associated with “GO” neon green is also associated with vitality and excitement.
  8. Subline on CTA. You will also notice the subline on the CTA. In this, Russel tells people that they need to enter their email. Some people are not eager to give up their email. So he links the giving of the email to the benefit being offered. This will reduce sign-up friction and is designed to ensure minimum drop-off from stage one of the opt-in to stage 2 of the opt-in, which is submitting your details.


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