A.I.D.A Copywriting: Crafting a Compelling Facebook Ad

Let’s take a look at a Facebook ad for a Virtual Event by Christian Mickelsen.


Great application of the A.I.D.A copywriting approached used in this ad.


A.I.D.A stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.


One of the best way to grab people’s attention is to call out an problem or pain point.


“Do you feel like you’re struggling to attract clients for your coaching business?” 


This is such a good opening line. 1) It calls out the avatar, 2) It calls out their #1 top of mind issue, 3) The addition of “feel” makes it less confrontational than – “Are you struggling to attract clients”.


Once you have captured their attention you want to stoke interest. 


A great way of doing this is to connect with them through a positive compliment – “As a coach, you have a skill, talent, or gift that can make a huge difference in people’s lives.” 


Stroking someones ego is a great way to get them interested in reading further.

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