3 Proven Techniques to Leverage Loss Aversion for Higher Conversion Rates

We fear losing $1,000 more than we value making $1,000?


Loss aversion is one of the most powerful human motivators.


And yet 97% of Facebook ads get this wrong.


Here are 3 ways to leverage loss aversion in your ad copy


Step 1: Amplify the Pain. Make it real. Tell them what they stand to lose. It’s in their best interest to act. An undisturbed prospect will never take action. We want them to solve their #1 problem.


Step 2: Frame the Benefits as Losses. Instead of saying, “Get your “widget” today.” Say, “Don’t miss out on your free {x,y,z}” 


Step 3: Use Scarcity and Urgency. Limited-time offers, exclusive bonuses — People don’t want to feel like they are missing out. 


Remember, our goal is to get people to take action toward their goals. 


They need help getting started, or otherwise, they would already be doing it.


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