Strategies to Offset Your Pre-Launch Webinar's Facebook Ad Costs

Strategies to Offset Your Pre-Launch Webinar’s Facebook Ad Costs

Strategies to Offset Your Pre-Launch Webinar’s Facebook Ad Costs

Discover effective strategies to cover the costs of Facebook ads for your pre-launch webinar. Learn how to maximize ROI and ensure profitability for your next membership launch.
Strategies to Offset Your Pre-Launch Webinar's Facebook Ad Costs

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Mastering the Art of Membership Launch Ads

Well, look at what popped up in my Facebook feed today! 

There are two launches I get excited about every year…

One is Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, and the other is Stu McLaren’s Membership Experience.

Now other launches may make more money, but these two are by far and away the best to learn from when it comes to applying the principles of launching.

Stu’s TME Launch is not scheduled until 20 April 2023, so imagine my surprise when an ad popped up on Facebook today.

Now before I delve into the ad and landing page there is a massive learning straight off the bat.

It’s 9 March today. The launch is not until 20 April. Stu isn’t focused on signing people up for his launch this early. No, he has created a long runway to test his ad copy, creative, and opt-in page conversion rates.

There are big challenges when it comes to running ads for a launch. By the time you have figured out your winning combo of ads and creative, the launch is over. It is incredibly hard to scale quickly and hit an attractive Cost Per Lead.

For any fixed-date event, there is an optimum window of time where you can start promotion and keep early registrants engaged.

Open registration too late, and you won’t have enough time to fill the event. Open it too early, and people will forget they have registered.  

2 weeks tends to be the sweet spot. But it is hard to scale an ad campaign to tens of thousands of $’s a day in just 2 weeks.

My reading of Stu going so early with his ads is to figure out the winning ads and run a couple of rounds of optimizations on the opt-in page. 

This means when it comes time to scale the campaign, they can do so cost-effectively.

Just to give you an idea of the scale of this campaign….

In total, there are 27 variations of ads in the Facebook Ad Library, which include the url These ads appear in between 4 and 15 ad sets. This is a significant test.

The best part of all is you have a ring-side seat for the next month and a half.

Ok let’s dive into the ads:

Ad Version 1 – Medium Form – TME Launch


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • This is such a simple ad. Simple is beautiful. Simple is effective. The ad targets one pain point and one pain point only. Cashflow and business stability. This is always a top 3 problem for an entrepreneur. Something that keeps Stu’s perfect-fit client awake at night. So here is my question for you. What is a “top 3” problem that keeps your perfect-fit client awake at night that you can help them solve? The bigger and more painful the problem you can solve, the quicker people will flock to you for a solution.
  • Hooks don’t always have to be crushing pain points or wild promises. Sometimes a simple pattern interrupt can do the trick. The simple “Hello there” is an interesting approach. Other ads published for the Membership Workshop open with “I’m Stu McLaren”… “What time is it???”…. “Patty started with a super simple idea.”. It will be interesting to see how these opening hooks fare over the duration of the campaign.  
  • The image is what drew me to review this ad. I love the screenshot approach. Almost everyone can test this option in their campaigns – My To-Do List – Complete the thing on offer. For an event / date-based launch, it also gives you an opportunity to prominently include the date. Notice how the action is transformative. Don’t just say download the lead magnet or register for the workshop. Paint the transformation someone will achieve when they take the action you prescribe. Oh, and a sneak two-for here! Notice the “all caps” FREE X 2. Free sells…

3 Elements We’d Test:

  • The URL in the body copy is formatted in bold and italics to draw attention to it, which is great. I would want to test if there was any uptake in the outbound click-through rate if this was entered as a live link. I always include at least one live link in the body of every conversion ad.
  • The headline Stu, Stu, Who The Heck is Stu? While interesting will possibly only resonate with people who know Stu. Now this version of the ad could be to warm traffic. It wasn’t one of the ads which appeared in 15 ad sets. However, I would test this ad with a headline that was focused on the avoidance of pain or attainment of pleasure. In this case, something like – Looking for more stability in your business? [FREE TRAINING] Proven Path To Membership Success
  • While the single line “hello there” is a pattern interrupt partially due to the empty space, I would test including more text directly after it. You only have 140 characters to convince people they should click on the “See more” and read the rest of your body copy. You want to make sure it packs a punch and gives them a reason to read on.

Facebook Ad Swipe Files


Crafting Effective Launch Opt-In Pages with an Upsell

TME Launch Opt-in Page


TME Launch Opt-in Page Pop-up


TME Launch Opt-in VIP Upsell


3 Elements To Inspire Your Landing Pages:

  • TME Launch Opt-in Page – Single page, everything above the fold, opt-in page here for Stu. If it’s good enough for Stu with a launch he will be hoping will bring in over $5mill, it can work for your launch. Brilliant use of scarcity and deadline – This live training only happens 1X a year. Notice FREE Workshop. Despite being a multi day training only the first date is mentioned. This keeps it simple and doesn’t drive people into overwhelm. 
  • TME Launch Opt-in Pop-up – Notice the inclusion of the phone number. Text message marketing is extremely powerful. Yes, there is a cost associated, but with Twillio’s low rates and high text message engagement rates, you will get a positive ROI.
  • TME Launch Opt-in VIP UpsellAn upsell is powerful from several perspectives. 1) it gives you an opportunity to scale your ad spend. At $47, it is somewhat realistic for Stu to break even on the costs of ads for his launch. This gives him massive confidence to scale his ad spend. 2) People who purchase a VIP package will be more like to engage with the launch. People who are more engaged will be more likely to buy. 3) The psychological principle of consistency means that people who have already paid an amount earlier in the process will be more likely to feel internally compelled to purchase when the primary offer is made for TME.

3 Elements We’d Test:

  • Paid launches are steadily rising in popularity. Those who have tested the model have seen far a far lower number of people partaking in their launch but get a far higher conversion rate during the launch and are reporting higher launch revenue. People have become used to opt-in for launches and then not taking part. It is a big scary test but one I would love to see on a launch of this scale.
  • I always test the text on the left and right sides of the page. There are two entrenched schools of thought on this. 1) your eyes always end up on the right side of the page, and this is where you should place the text. 2) your eyes scan the top of the page, hit the right side, and then travel diagonally from the top right-hand corner to the middle right in a Z pattern. Therefore your should place your headline along the top and your important text on the right side of the page. I have tested both and don’t have conclusive evidence for one approach or the other. I have seen switching sides, either way, result in a big jump in conversions, so it is always worth testing.
  • Getting a phone number is a good idea, but I would like to know how much it hurts the overall conversion rates. I would run 3 tests over a limited period of time: 1) no phone number collected 2) phone number on the secondary screen after opt-in 3) Phone number not optional. The real test is the impact on purchases for The Membership Experience. As a result, we want the opt-in sample sizes to be around the same size and be able to calculate the total spent per test.

Membership Launch Swipe Files

Take Your Membership Launch to the Next Level

Take Your Membership Launch to the Next Level

Take Your Membership Launch to the Next Level

Level up your membership launch strategy with expert insights and free swipe files that will help you elevate your approach to launching with confidence and success.
Take Your Membership Launch to the Next Level

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Crafting Powerful Facebook Ad Strategies for Free Training

Cool strategy this week from Stu McLaren. You may remember a couple of weeks agao I shared ads for his upcoming annual launch of The Membership Experience. 

If you are interested in experiencing a top level launch or you want to learn about growing an online membership I would strongly recommend you register for the this workshop. Sign up for Stu’s free Membership Guide here and you will join the launch.

Anyhoo, I was looking at how Stu’s ad strategy was evolving and I came across a little gem.


 3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • Make Your Ads Valuable: Not alone does Stu do an excellent job of teasing the value of registering for the FREE training. He shares two funnels in the ad itself. But he doesn’t go into detail. He shares the snappy name, and then he demonstrates how people applied the strategy and the results they have achieved. This makes the promise of the lead magnet real, concrete and specific without making it sound sleazy or you’re making stuff up – “How to make 6 figures a month in less than a year”
  • Make Your Clients The Hero Of Your Story: Sharing your client’s success stories will instantly build your authority without sounding big-headed. This shouldn’t be something you only think of when you start to write your ad copy. Instead, you should be continuously recording and refining your client success stories. Your goal is to build a database of success stories to pull from when the need arises.
  • Keep Things Simple: 9 funnels are a lot. Your audience could flip quickly into overwhelm. But Stu does something brilliant at the end of the ad. He simplifies it. “But here is what I want you to do. Watch the video, then pick just ONE.” This flips any possible overwhelming to – “Surely 1 of the 9 funnels will definitely work for me.”

Facebook Ad Swipe Files

Conversion Optimization: Free Training Opt-in Page Strategy

“But wait”……. I hear you say. Isn’t Stu in the middle of his big annual launch? Why is he running ads to a separate opt-in? Well, this is where the strategy becomes interesting.

Here is the opt-in page you land on from the ad.


The primary promise here is clear. Register, and your will “Watch the Free Video Now”.

One of the big challenges running Facebook ads for a launch that happens in the future is delayed gratification. People opt-in, but they have to wait to have their problem solved until some time in the future and ain’t no one got time for that. I want all my problems solved right now (preferably without having to do any work!)

So let’s take a look at the opt-in thank you page:


Immediately after opt-in, people get an “upsell” to the free launch Workshop.

Even if they don’t take the follow-up CTA to save their seat on the Workshop, they will be added to the launch list and receive the launch email sequence.

One of the keys to pulling this strategy off is ensuring that the immediate freebie is closely aligned with the workshop topic. If you are interested in Funnels to grow your membership, you will also be interested in this Workshop.

Free Immediate Gratification > Free Delayed Gratification works on the same principle as Freebie > Mini Product. It takes resources to pull it off, and there is a chance that the conversion rate to the product being sold is lower; however, it should result in a lower cost per lead.

Opt-in Page Swipe Files

How to structure your Pre-Launch Workshop

You know we love nothing more than a good launch around here.

And they don’t come any better than Stu McLaren’s Membership Workshop launch.

Stu’s once-a-year launch is a masterpiece.

Let’s look at the lineup for Stu’s workshop.

Part 1 – The Membership Movement (Thursday, April 4 at 3 pm ET)

  • The 3 characteristics of a great membership market
  • Is your market suited to a membership?
  • A powerful tool to determine if your membership idea will flop or fly

Register for Part 1 Now

Part 2 – The Success Path (Monday, April 8 at 3 pm ET)

  • The simple but most important element of any membership site
  • The 4 real reasons why people will join your membership
  • What hooks your members to stay and keep paying month after month

Register for Part 2 Now

Part 3 – The Membership Blueprint (Thursday, April 8 at 3 pm ET)

  • Stu’s proven step-by-step for starting a low-stress, highly profitable membership
  • What you need to attract the right members and keep them for the long haul
  • The most important steps that can make or break any membership business

Register for Part 3 Now

If you want to attract leads or sell stuff online, you need to pay attention to this launch. 

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at Phase 1 – Launch Awareness.

Today, we’re going to look at Phase 2 – Pre-Launch Engagement.

Stu’s running with a traditional 3 part workshop launch.

Stu’s launch follows Jeff Walker’s PLF model closely with a couple of Stu’y tweaks.

If you’ve been online for over 5 minutes, you’ve probably experienced a PLF Launch.

The “explain it to me like I’m 5”, version of a PLF launch is 

  • Run 3 workshops over 3/7 days (Pre-Launch)
  • Then make an offer for people to join your program for 4/7 days (Open Cart)

Nice and simple in theory……..BUT……

The biggest mistake I see people (even experienced launchers) make is sequencing.

Just teaching 3 random topics in your workshop isn’t going to move people to buy.

Pay attention to how Stu structures and sequences his workshop topics.

Let’s put ourselves into the shoes of Stu’s perfect-fit client.

Maybe you have an existing coaching, service, or bricks-and-mortar business.

Or maybe you are working a 9-to-5.

You know you need to make a change. 

Maybe your cash flow is lumpy, or you’re sick of working 80 hours a week. 

You know there is a better way to make money and live your life.

You’ve heard of memberships before, but you are not sure if they are for you.

What’s your #1 question or pain point?

Can a membership work for me? Will my idea work? Do people want it?

And that’s exactly what Stu answers in his first Workshop.

We have to meet our perfect-fit client where they are. 

Stu goes all in on the big opportunity in Workshop 1.

Now, if you have bought into the opportunity, the very next question you’ll have is:

What will I include in my membership? Will people buy it? Will people stay in it?

And that’s what Stu covers in Workshop 2.

Then, finally, in Workshop 3, Stu outlines the entire process of building a profitable membership business.

So, in Workshop 1, we get people excited about the opportunity and show them it is possible for them to achieve. 

In Workshop 2, we show people how they could make that a reality and help them connect with what that reality would look like for them.  

Finally, we show them that we have a plan to get them from where they are today to where they want to go.

First, we’ve got to get our audience to commit to mastering the process.

Then we need to instill the belief that they can achieve the promised outcome.

And finally we demonstrate that we have a pathway to get them where they want to go.

No one does this better than Stu.

And if you want to see the master in action, so you can model his launch for yourself….

Make sure you don’t miss the first Workshop today:

Maximizing Sales with a Book-a-Call Funnel Strategy

Maximizing Sales with a Book-a-Call Funnel Strategy

Maximizing Sales with a Book-a-Call Funnel Strategy

Discover how to maximize sales for your next launch with an effective book-a-call funnel strategy. Learn key insights and strategies to boost your sales and grow your business.
Maximizing Sales with a Book-a-Call Funnel Strategy

Here's what we have for you today


Facebook Ad Strategy: Evaluating an Ad to a Free Scorecard

Our Ad today is from a company that has shaped the world of digital marketing we see today.

Guess we should sit up and pay attention.

Introducing none other than Ryan Deiss and the team over at Digital Marketer.

What’s unusual about this ad is its simplicity.

No grandiose promises of endless profits or finding the answer to life, the universe, and everything (which we all know is 42).

The ad simply identifies a #1 pain point and promises to fix it with some very tangible outputs.

But don’t let the simplicity fool you. 

This is the starting point of an intelligent funnel! (more about that in the Now Launching section!)


 3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • If you have never run a marketing team, the opening hook may seem weak. But trust me as a marketing leader, this is one of your biggest headaches. What to measure, how to measure them, what info is useful, how to track them week by week, and how to design something that the team doesn’t spend half their work day measuring. Oh, and you can give it to us in a scorecard too. Well, that is just the icing on the cake. Remember the usefulness, relevance, and pain-solving potential of your Lead Magnet is far more important than any fancy copy you can write.
  • Bullet points help you say more with less. It would have taken hundreds of words to explain what they have packed into just 6 short bullet points. Again it’s the strength of the lead magnet that enables Digital Marketer to skip the explanation about why marketing departments need a scorecard.
  • As this is a practical tool, Digital Marketer produced a 1-minute walkthrough video for the ad. Sure, someone could recreate the tool based on the video walkthrough, but why bother. You can get it for free on the next page. For some lead magnets, a visual demo can be your best sales tool. Even if you have an information-based lead magnet, you could do a screencast with a video overlay and bring people through the key sections.

But the real genius of this funnel is in the next section.

Facebook Ad Swipe File

A Closer Look at a Simple Opt-In Page for Your Next Launch


Very simple above-the-fold opt-in page. You can see that most of the copy from the ad is featured on the opt-in page.

Honestly, this is a little lazy. But hey, when you are Digital Marketer you can get away with things like this.

The video used in the ad is also used on the opt-in page.

It may be that the Facebook ad above is retargeting visitors to this page:

…or other similar pages and blog categories. 

Ok, so what’s so intelligent about this funnel.

Well, that isn’t revealed until we click on the “Build Your Scorecard (free) >>” button.

That’s when you are presented with some segmentation questions.


Depending on which option you select you are redirected to a different thank you page.

  • One option goes to an Agency Accelerator program.
  • Two options go to a “Book a Call” page
  • One option goes to an upsell for an online course 

You can view each thank you page in the swipe files below.

If you have multiple offers at varying price points or you want to run a “Book a Call” funnel but only want to speak to the people who are suitable for your offer this is a great format to let people self-select the option that is best for them, and you.

Book-a-call Funnel Swipe Files

Getting More Clients for Your Membership with Free Trial Strategies

Getting More Clients for Your Membership with Free Trial Strategies

Getting More Clients for Your Membership with Free Trial Strategies

Discover effective strategies to attract more clients to your membership site using free trials. Learn how to leverage the power of free trials to boost sign-ups and maximize membership growth.
Getting More Clients for Your Membership with Free Trial Strategies

Here's what we have for you today


Ads for Mastermind: Insights into Effective Free Trial Strategies

Dean Graziozi is a multiple New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and investor, best buddy of Tony Robbins, and one hell of a marketer.

Dean and Tony pulled off the biggest digital product launch in history in 2020 at the height of the pandemic with The Knowledge Business Blueprint.

This paved the way for Dean and Tony to launch Mastermind. Mastermind is an “all-in-one” online business-building platform and online business growth coaching product.

Let’s step inside Dean’s funnel for Mastermind, starting with his Facebook Ad:


 3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • I like this opening – “Who else is looking for answers? Answers to the really hard questions, like -” Sure, it is vague, but it is curiosity building. Aren’t we all looking for answers? We want the opening lines of our ad to reel in our perfect-fit client. One powerful way to do this is to get them to answer a question and trigger a conversation in their head. Even getting your Perfect-Fit Client to say yes (or sometimes no) can lure them onto the edge of our slippery copy slope.
  • Dean then brings them deep into what those “hard questions” are. Notice how nothing in the ad so far talks about building a course or selling a digital product. Dean goes right to the core desires and pain points. The questions that keep his Perfect-Fit Client awake at night – Protecting loved ones – Become the person we know we wanna be – To thrive instead of survive. He’s connecting with the ultimate outcome first. If you can show people you can read their minds, they will believe your solution will get them what they want.
  • Your #1 mechanism for selling a SAAS Product is the free trial. Get people using your platform, and get them to invest time, effort, and energy in setting up and rolling out your solution. By the time it comes to the end of their free trial your goal is for their “sunk cost” effort to outweigh the monthly fee. Dean adds a brilliant twist. He charges $1. Dean is a direct-response marketer. He knows that people who go to the effort of pulling out their credit card will be more likely to follow through and take action. He also knows that it will trigger the principle of consistency, which means people who pay $1 will feel internal pressure to validate their initial commitment by signing up for membership. The icing on top. The $1 goes to charity. Who isn’t going to feel even better about themselves and the business they are dealing with when they are supporting a worthy cause through their actions.

Facebook Ad Swipe File

Demystifying a $1 Trial Mastermind Sales Page

Here is the above-the-fold section of Dean’s Mastermind $1 sales page. Make sure you download the swipe file and study the full page. Clean, simple, and filled with emotional and logical triggers.


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • For simplicity to work, your messaging has to be on point. In the words of Mark Twain – “I apologize for such a long letter – I didn’t have time to write a short one.” The headline simply lays out the primary promise – “Everything You Need to Finally Sell What You Know”. It helps that the Mastermind founders are two of the best know people in the online business and personal development space. Of course, you are going to trust that they know what you need and that they have the plan to help you achieve that. We meer mortals may need to try a little harder!
  • Talk about a knockout offer. You will give me access to “Everything I Need to Finally Sell What You Know”, worth over $4,022 per year, for 14 days for only $1, and that $1 will be donated to charity. How easy is that to say yes to?
  • “The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” Ok Tony. I better sign up now. Sarcasm aside, how can your messaging set your audience up for action. We can’t all be the world’s number 1 personal development guru. Still, we can use positive and negative positioning and quotes to orientate people toward action.

Sales Page Swipe Files

Maximizing High-Ticket Sales with Paid Virtual Events

Maximizing High-Ticket Sales with Paid Virtual Events

Maximizing High-Ticket Sales with Paid Virtual Events

Discover how to maximize high-ticket sales using paid virtual events. Learn effective Facebook ad strategies, including the AIDA framework, to attract and convert your perfect-fit clients.
Maximizing High-Ticket Sales with Paid Virtual Events

Here's what we have for you today


Facebook ads for High-Ticket Offers with the AIDA Framework

A 3-day virtual event is one of the best ways to sell a high ticket offer. Now, definitions vary, but I classify high ticket as anything over $3,000.

As you ask your audience to commit 3-days of their lives to the process, offering the event for free will devalue the experience. To make sure you attract your perfect-fit clients the standard practice is to charge between $99 and $299 for the event. You can also upsell a VIP package for an addition $49 to $199.

And that is exactly what Christian Mickelsen is launching this month.

Let’s dive into his Facebook ad:


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • Great application of the A.I.D.A copywriting approached used in this ad. A.I.D.A is one of the simplest and long standing copywriting approach but it’s one that I use everytime I sit down to draft copy. If you haven’t brushed up on your A.I.D.A in a while here is a great blog post from Neville Medhora – A.I.D.A
  • One of the best way to grab people’s attention is to call out an problem or pain point they are experiencing. “Do you feel like you’re struggling to attract clients for your coaching business?” This is such a good opening line. 1) It calls out the avatar, 2) It calls out their #1 top of mind issue, 3) The addition of “feel” makes it less confrontational than – “Are you struggling to attract clients”.
  • Once you have captured their attention you want to stoke interest. A great way of doing this is to connect with them through a positive compliment – “As a coach, you have a skill, talent, or gift that can make a huge difference in people’s lives.” Stroking someones ego is a great way to get them interested in reading further.

Facebook Ad Swipe File

Boosting Sales Page Conversion for Course Creators


3 Elements To Inspire Your Landing Pages:

  • David Ogilvy (if you don’t know who he is…look him up!) said – “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. Christian has a nice twist on a powerful headline formula – How to get {primary desire} even if {reasons people think it won’t work for them}. Another version of this headline formula is How to get {primary desire} without {primary pain}
  • Give them what they want – You’ll leave with a proven action plan for getting clients consistently and transforming your coaching business. Personally I am not a fan of using the word “transformation”. Yes we want to promise transformation but it’s much more powerful when we can pain the picture of what the specific transformation is for our audience. “Exponentially Grow Your Coaching Business – While Working A Fraction Of The Time” is painting the transformation. More of this please Christian!
  • If in doubt just tell people you will show them how to use A.I. Shut up…take my credit card. No copywriting skills needed!

Offer Page Swipe File


How to Launch Your Membership with a Front-End Funnel

How to Launch Your Membership with a Front-End Funnel

How to Launch Your Membership with a Front-End Funnel

Learn how to successfully launch your membership site using a simple front-end funnel strategy. Discover the power of Facebook ads and front-end funnels to attract and convert your audience into loyal paying members.
How to Launch Your Membership with a Front-End Funnel

Here's what we have for you today


Crafting Profitable Facebook Ads for Membership Site Owners

Let’s dive into a simple front-end funnel for Chalene Johnson.

InstaClub Hub is Chalene’s low-ticket always open offer. 

The primary promotion method is a $7 for 14 days, then $47 per month offer.

This is an excellent approach to create urgency and a deadline for an open membership.


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • A strong opening hook is vital. The job of the hook is to capture your attention. If you are interested in Instagram, discovering the secrets of the big influencers will immediately reel you in. There are many types of hooks: pattern interrupts, questions, problem solution, curiosity, controversy, fun/clever, story, and value. Experiment with them all and see what works best for you.
  • After the hook, Chalene answers two big objections – I don’t have time, and the Instagram algorithm changes all the time. Your audience has objections. It may seem counterintuitive but if you don’t tackle their objections openly they won’t take action. The trick is to turn their objections into the reason why they must do what you are asking. In this case – the algorithm is always changing – That’s why we give 1 hour LIVE training every other week.
  • Clever use of the video cover screen. The video is entertaining and has lots going on to keep your attention. The most interesting thing about the video is how they position the frame with the social proof. This frame plays 85% through the video but they have also positioned this as the cover screen which means that’s the still image people will see.

Facebook Ad Swipe File

Mastering the Art of Offer Page Conversions


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • A headline doesn’t get much clearer than this – Convert More Followers into Paying Customers and Build Your Business on Instagram® (All In Just 5 Minutes a Day!). It’s specific, it promises you’ll make more money, it speaks to a desired outcome, and it promises you’ll get all that in 5 minutes. How simple and beautiful.
  • Countdown timers create urgency. Everyone who lands on the page gets 10 minutes. Nothing happens after the countdown timer expires. 95% of people will never question it but will feel the pressure of the ticking clock. Makes sure all your promotions have deadlines that drive urgency.
  • A $7 dollar 14-day trial fits this offer well. Everyone will get a live call which if they attend I’m sure they will keep their membership. $47 per month is under the purchase and forget about the threshold. Many people will keep memberships like this on hand as an insurance policy just in case they need it in the future. I am not a big fan of free trials as it attracts tire kickers but tripwire-level flash sales are a good idea to test.

Offer Page Swipe File