How to Launch Your Membership with a Webinar Funnel

How to Launch Your Membership with a Webinar Funnel

How to Launch Your Membership with a Webinar Funnel

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How to Launch Your Membership with a Webinar Funnel

Here's what we have for you today


Crafting Irresistible Facebook Ads to a Free Webinar

Simple ads work too….

Here is a very simple retargeting ad from Tracey Harris.


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • We do all the hard work to drive people to our launch opt-in pages with ads, but sometimes we need to remember the easy stuff. Based on the video script, “You were checking out registering for my Instagram mastery masterclass…” this is clearly a retargeting ad. Every launch should have a campaign that retargets people who visit the opt-in page but don’t register.
  • With a solid primary promise, you don’t need a complex explanation – 3 proven secrets for turning Instagram followers into paying customers.
  • [FREE] converts well. If you are offering a lead magnet, webinar, or launch workshop, always include at least one headline option with [FREE]. I’d bet good money it will outperform other similar headlines without it.

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Unlocking the Secrets of a Membership Launch

Today we’re diving into a launch by Tracey Harris for her Social Method Society.

The Social Method Society membership is AUD $70 (USD $45) per month with an annual payment option of AUD $700 (USD $456).

Tracey is using a 3 webinar launch strategy

This will see her repeat the same live webinar on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

This can result in a very long open and complex open cart period.

A more common option is to run the 3 webinars over 2 consecutive days.

This compresses your open cart period and keeps your email strategy simple.

Tracey is using the Demio platform to deliver her webinars which gets a big thumbs up from us.

Here is a link to Tracey’s offer page: 


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • I love the headline structure – Why you are struggling to do {TASK} and {DESIRABLE OUTCOME}, and what to do instead. The copy and structure of the opt-in page are heavily influenced by Russel Brunson. 
  • “3 Secrets” is directly from Russel’s Perfect Webinar playbook, and the mechanism works. The number 3 is magic in marketing. It is the number of points we can hold in our heads and remember. 3 seems manageable and definitive, but there is enough “value”. It also gives the person opting in confidence that even if they are doing one or two of the points, there is still value in attending.
  • Nice use of the “Minus the overwhelm, anxiety, fear and wasted time” We normally see this as part of the headline formula “Get {Primary Desire} Without {Primary Frustration}. It’s a nice addition here as a stand-alone line.

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Boost Your AOV: Facebook Ads Strategy for Mini Offers

Boost Your AOV: Facebook Ads Strategy for Mini Offers

Boost Your AOV: Facebook Ads Strategy for Mini Offers

Dive into proven strategies to boost your AOV and optimize your Facebook Ads Strategy for Mini Offers to increase profitability and success.
Boost Your AOV: Facebook Ads Strategy for Mini Offers

Here's what we have for you today


The Power of Facebook Ads for Course Sales Success

From short form last week to long form this week.

Let’s look at a Paul Xavier ad for his $48, 14-Day Film Maker Course.

And boy, do these long-form ads convert. 

There are versions of this ad running since August 2022.

Paul has a big budget behind this campaign. 

These two factors tell me this ad is absolutely crushing it.

This week I will break the ad into 3 sections:


Countercultural or controversial hooks are a solid way to open an ad. People love an underdog. They love it when the majority get it wrong. It creates a sense of us against them, and we’re in the know. It’s like a secret handshake for a club.

14 days is specific; it feels short and immediate but also long enough to learn something worthwhile.

Straight away, Paul dives into the program’s benefits and the specific outcomes you will achieve in 14 days.  

My only comment for improvement is to reduce the first block to 3 points or a single line. Cinematic videos, 14 days, just your cellphone.


Then we have a social proof section. Succinct and to the point. As course creators, one of the biggest hurdles we must overcome is – “I purchased something like this before, and it was crap” 

All 3 testimonials deal with this head-on. Not all glowing testimonials are equal. Work with your clients to get the testimonials that will have the greatest impact. Know the objections you must overcome and interview your clients to get the testimonials to address them.


Finally, we have the stuff and details section. Ordinarily, I leave the product price out of the ad. In this case, as it is heavily discounted and just $48, it’s worth a try and obviously working for Paul.   

Part of the reason I believe this works is the compelling offer. Ordinarily, I would expect to pay $198 for a course that offers all this. So when I see the discounted price, it makes it even more appealing.

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How to Optimize Your Course Sales Page with Ad-ons

The 14 Day Film Maker Program is a $48 offer.

The offer has a $19 order bump and a $67 upsell.

Being generous, that means an AOV of $60.

While Paul has a wide potential audience (targeting smartphone users), my guess is he’s breaking even at best or going negative on the front end. 

In addition to his Facebook ads, Paul has a highly engaged YouTube audience with almost 100k subscribers.

He could be using the organic sales from YouTube to subsidize his audience building from paid traffic. 

Here is a link to Paul’s offer page: 


3 Elements To Inspire Your Offer Page:

  • Offer pages don’t need to be a work of art. Paul uses 3 background colors and one call to action color. All the images are from the course content. There is nothing fancy or spectacular. He lets the copy do the talking.
  • The primary promise is simple – Learn Professional Content Creation In Just 14 Days. My only criticism of the above-the-fold section is that there is no description of the transformation. The closest he gets is – “produce cinematic & emotional videos without wasting months” This proves that if you are selling a program that solves a big problem for people (knockout offer), you don’t need to work as hard with your copy.
  • Gets straight to the proof. Similarly to the Facebook ad, Paul gets straight to the social proof. This is especially effective for low-ticket offers.

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How to Create a High-Converting Mastermind Book-a-Call Funnel

How to Create a High-Converting Mastermind Book-a-Call Funnel

How to Create a High-Converting Mastermind Book-a-Call Funnel

Discover the step-by-step process for creating a high-converting mastermind book-a-call funnel for your online business. Learn expert insights on designing a funnel that attracts qualified leads and maximizes conversions.
How to Create a High-Converting Mastermind Book-a-Call Funnel

Here's what we have for you today


A simple $50,000 mastermind book-a-call funnel

I landed in this beauty of a funnel from Ryan Deiss earlier this week.

Ryan is everyone’s favorite marketer, as founder and CEO of Digital Marketer.

In recent years, Ryan has focused on building

Scalable offers a couple of low-ticket and free products, but its primary offer is a $50,000 per year mastermind.

The funnel we’re reviewing today is for the mastermind.

So you’d think a funnel for a $50,000 offer would be all singing and dancing.

And I think that’s where people get sidetracked.

But with the right message and offer, you don’t need a fancy funnel.

So, let’s take a look at Ryan’s funnel.


Remember, Ryan is not looking for volume. 

He is looking to pre-qualify leads and attract only the right people.

The kind of people that have $50,000 to spend on a mastermind.

Therefore, he isn’t optimizing the opt-in page to make it as easy as possible to opt-in.

Friction, or making things harder, is generally seen as a negative in marketing.

But in some cases, it is an invaluable screening tool.

Especially if you are running a book-a-call or application funnel.

3 Elements We Like:

  • Clean and simple hero

Despite my comments above, Ryan makes the hero section clear and easy to understand.

Within 3 seconds, you have all the information you need. Is this for you or not?

Headlines are one of the most important elements of an opt-in page.

And I love – “The Science of Scaling a Business”

People need reassurance that there is substance behind what you are offering.

This is why containers like Blueprint, Method, and Formula are so common.

Science is similar. It speaks to a repeatable, proven formula. A set of specific steps.

  • Offer a shortcut

The primary offer here is a shortcut.

A roadmap – our proven blueprint – all our proprietary methodologies and systems – copy and paste our magic success formula.

These are massively attractive because everyone is looking for a shortcut.

Everyone is looking to make their life easier.

Anytime we can offer to copy and paste success, people will jump at the opportunity.

When running ads, we like to make the landing page text as easy to scan as possible.

We use short sentences, lots of bullet points, and no paragraphs of text.

In general, this is the correct approach.

But if you are a 7-figure business owner looking to scale to 8-figures, you are likely experiencing a lot of pain.

The payoff and the pain are so big you will invest more time and effort in finding a solution.

And sometimes, when your promise is big, you must provide evidence to support your claims.

And that’s what Ryan has done here.

Yes, he is bending some of the rules of landing pages. 

But he is doing so for a reason.

Webinar Opt-in Page Swipe File

The simple 5-minute copy-and-paste ad format for higher conversions


3 Elements We Like:

  • A simple image that says a lot

I love this image. 

Firstly, I love it because it takes less than 5 minutes to create.

Secondly, I love it because you get to call out your audience’s two biggest objections and their #1 desire.

Thirdly, I love it because it can be applied to almost every ad campaign no matter the topic.

  • The anti-call out

Have you ever told someone – Oh, I don’t think you would be interested in this?

9/10, they become very interested in what you are talking about.

This concept is known as Reactance. And it is a powerful psychological device.

It’s like saying… This is only for successful business owners.

Now, no one wants to think of themselves as an unsuccessful business owner, so this will generate initial desire in most people. 

  • The qualifying headline

Warning: For advanced 7-figure & above entrepreneurs only.

Firstly, this provides massive assistance to Meta as to who they should target the ads at.

Secondly, it instantly positions the audience. 

It tells the audience who the ad is for and who it isn’t for.

And, yes, it certainly will also get a lot of 6 figure business owners who want to step to 7 figures interested. 

However, when we look at the next step, Ryan has an excellent way of filtering out the people he doesn’t want to book a call with.  

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Book A Call Funnel – What’s Your One Pre-Qualification Screening Question

Book A Call Funnel – What’s Your One Pre-Qualification Screening Question

Here’s a question for you.

What is the one question you can ask to determine whether it’s worthwhile to get on a call with someone?

(Hint: If you say it’s $$$’s, that’s ok!)

Before we get to the webinar (video) page, let’s look at the opt-in pop-up.


Ryan wants to get as many qualified people into the funnel as possible.

But, he knows that only a small percentage of the business owners will meet his criteria.

While leads below the criteria won’t be wasted because he has smaller offers for business owners with lower revenue levels.

Ryan wants to avoid his closers getting on calls with people who are not qualified.

One of the ways you can do that is through qualification questions in the opt-in form.

People can be sent to different pages depending on the answer provided. 

This means they may see the option to book a call or not.

Alternatively, as is the case in this funnel, the closers can follow up with only the people who have the qualifying annual revenue.


One of the issues with a Webinar > Book-a-Call funnel is most people don’t see the offer for the call at the end of the webinar because they leave early.

There are a couple of key things I want you to note on this page.

  1. The video (webinar) is only 21 minutes long
  2. The apply button is right there, visible from the very start
  3. People are told to view the webinar before applying, but they can apply at any time
  4. Ryan tells people at the very start if you are under seven figures, this is not for you
  5. Lovely use of scarcity – We can only take 7 new clients per week

And remember this is an offer for a $50,000 mastermind.

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4 Framework Meta Ad Drafting AI Prompt For High Converting Ads

Launch Newsletter Issue #00084

Launch Newsletter Issue #00084

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L – Leads

What scary movies teach us about marketing

The fear of the unknown is far greater than the fear of the known.

What scary movies teach us about marketing

High-converting opt-in pages don’t need to be complicated.


This is a simple lead magnet opt-in page from Sean Ferres.


Before we jump in….. 


Have you ever noticed in scary films that you often don’t see the bad guy until way into it?


Well, that’s because our minds will turn an unknown demon into something scarier than any movie producer can create.


It’s important to remember this in marketing, too. 


And Sean does this brilliantly in the copy for this landing page. 


3 Elements We Like:


1 – The visitor is immediately positioned


The opt-in page immediately positions the visitor with “Cash Money Copywriters.” 


If you are a copywriter, you know you are in the right place.


Every opt-in page must let their perfect fit client know they are in the right place.


2 – Doubt and intrigue created


While Clients on Command is a strong opener, it isn’t the knockout punch.


The standout piece of copy is the first bullet point.


Discover the One Common Piece of Toxic Client-Getting Advice that instantly turns high level biz owners off” – 


This opens a massive loop in the prospect’s head. 


I especially love “Toxic Client Getting Advice”


What if there is one thing I’m doing that turns high-level business owners off?


No matter your niche or lead magnet, you have an equivalent to this in your business.


Use this mechanism as often as you can. It will drive conversions.


  1. Promise to make their lives easy


The 3rd bullet is a beauty.


Copy and paste this script to sign your next high-paying client within a week (even during a recession)


We’re all looking for a shortcut. There is no shortcut better than copy and paste.


Always look to make your perfect-fit client’s life as easy as possible.


But not just that…. take this shortcut and get a result within a week.


When we make timebound promises, they are even more powerful.


And then, to cap it off…. a big objection is handled… (even during a recession).


You can include an objection or major frustration. 


People will come up with all sorts of excuses not to take action.


It’s important you take them off the table by highlighting them.

3 Elements We’d Test:


  1. Optimize the header


There is a lost opportunity to increase conversion with the header.


First off, I always like to include FREE. We want to make that clear from the outset.


I also like including something that speaks to the transformation. For example:



How to sign your next high paying Copywriting client in 7 days or less


  1. Optimize the image


I like iPad, computer, or 3D book images of a lead magnet. They convert well.


This one could do with a little work.


“SEND MESSAGE – GET CLIENT” is great, but the red “2024” breaks the flow, and you have to read it a number of times.


It is also out of line with the other top and bottom titles.


I would split-test this page with an image of Sean holding a print version of the lead magnet.


  1. Optimize the CTA


“Download Now” is a bit mehhh. I like including transformational CTA’s


In this case, it could be…


Get your next client in 7 days or less

Close high-paying copywriting clients today

Land $$$ copywriting clients today


Opt-in Page Swipe Files


A – A.I. Growth Prompts

A copy and paste AI prompt to draft your unique value proposition

AI Prompt Purpose:


Get AI to draft your unique value proposition.


If there is one thing that I’ve seen online business owners struggle with the most, it’s defining their unique value proposition.


A unique value proposition is the reason someone should buy from you over anyone else.


And it isn’t just when it comes to making a purchase. This also applies to your lead magnets.


What makes you different? What makes your lead magnet different? 


And, most importantly, why is that difference in value for your perfect fit client?


So, let’s ask our AI buddy for a bit of assistance.


For best results, use this prompt in a CustomGPT that has all of your marketing copy and content.


AI Prompt Outline:


Prompt 1

Please create a summary of my landing page that {purpose of landing page (helps people x,y,z)}


My primary avatar is {insert primary avatar description}


The outcome that my primary avatar will be able to achieve is {outcome after taking action}


Here is the copy from the landing page:

{landing page copy}


Prompt 2

Please write a detailed and unique value proposition for the outcome promised.


It must reflect the offer or elements in the summary of the landing page that you supplied in the previous chat. 


Please use everything that you know about my avatar to make my unique value proposition relevant and engaging for my avatar.

U – Uplevel Ads

Grab attention with AI images in your Facebook ads


It’s worth a trip to Sean’s Facebook Ad library.

Dude is testing creative like crazy.

He has gone all-in on AI creative.

Now, I wouldn’t have published all of the options you can see in the library.

I’m all on for quirkiness, but some don’t make sense.

I don’t know what a Tortoise on a toilet or reading a newspaper has to do with copywriting.

Grab attention with AI images in your ads

Sure, it will grab attention, but your image has to be relevant to your audience, the message, and the action you want your audience to take.

In Sean’s case, he only wants to grab the attention of copywriters.

This is why I picked the image of a Jack Russell at an old-school typewriter in the ad for review.

Now, a dog at a typewriter is still a broad blanket.

Sean will probably attract journalists, retired secretaries, and copywriters, but at least there is some positioning.

AI image generators have been slow to help advertisers create images for their ads. 

The top 3 general image generators are:

The main issue is that once they generate an image, it isn’t yet possible to edit it.

And often, if you ask the AI to edit the image, it will discard the bits you like.

There is no doubt that in the coming months and years, AI will output images in layers that we can edit and move around. 

But until then, if you want to leverage AI for your ads, check out this custom tool.

I’ve been massively impressed with this tool.

It’s no replacement for a highly skilled graphic designer, but it helps with high-volume creative testing.


Facebook Ads Swipe Files


N – Now Launching

How to grow your email list and FB group at the same time page format

Not quite an offer today but an upsell of sorts.

After opting in for the Lead Magnet, we land on a thank you page.


We stay on this page for a couple of seconds to allow the lead event of the Meta Pixel to fire.

Then we are redirected to the Facebook group.


How to grow your email list and FB group at the same time

It’s common to put a button to join your Facebook group on the thank you page of your lead magnet.

But this takes it a step further.

In the follow-up email, the primary call to action is to join the group to get access to the lead magnet.

However, they also include a direct link to download.

Facebook finally opened up the option to run ads directly to your Facebook group but the issue with these ads is you may not get an email address too.

With this strategy, you are getting a 2-for-1 deal. 

Email address and Facebook Group member.

From a user experience perspective, the second step makes the process feel harder than it needs to be.

This is a strategy I’m probably not going to implement.

Thank you Page Swipe Files


C – Conversion Optimization

5 steps to crack the code to success

Michael Hyatt says, “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.  The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” 

If you want success, make the practices that bring you success your priority every day.

Here are 5 steps to crack the code.

Transforming your online business requires a mix of personal development, strategic planning, and a growth mindset. Let’s explore a daily routine that empowers you as an entrepreneur and turns your brand into a powerhouse!

Step 1: Reflect & journal: Dedicate time each day for self-reflection, gratitude, and journaling. Cultivate a positive mindset and boost your creativity.

Step 2: Learn & grow: Create a learning plan based on your goals. But remember, if your behavior doesn’t change, what you have learned is useless. Learn, implement, change, and repeat.

Step 3: Visualize & measure: Break down your vision into specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. Track progress & adjust as needed. Always be working towards a specific goal that excites you.

Step 4: Prioritize and do: Identify the specific daily tasks that move you closer to your goals. Only do these. Be ruthless, even if you enjoy certain tasks, if they are not the fastest path to your goals, ditch them.

Step 5: Evaluate & improve: Every day, week, month, quarter, and year assess your progress toward your goals. Score yourself out of 10. If you’re consistently hitting 10s and off track, reassess your goals. Otherwise, modify your daily habits until you do.

H – Hot Take

The secret to endless opportunities

0084 hot take

Stay curious……



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