Creating High-Converting Quiz Funnels

Creating High-Converting Quiz Funnels

Creating High-Converting Quiz Funnels

Discover effective strategies for creating high-converting quiz funnels. Learn from expert insights and real-world examples to optimize your lead generation efforts and drive better results.
Creating High-Converting Quiz Funnels

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Facebook Ad Quiz Inspiration for Your Next Campaign


Let’s take a look at a Marie Forleo ad driving people to a Quiz.

Quiz Funnels remain one of the cheapest ways to attract leads at scale.

The downside is they can take longer to get converting and to start seeing results.

One of the best ways to catch people’s attention is through identifying their pain points.

Marie does a great job in the open hook of this ad. 

I think most of us business owners can relate to these pain points at some stage in our growth.

I love how Marie puts a label on the problem she is solving – “Time Stress”.

Time management has limited appeal. Everyone talks about stress.

But time stress feels like an entirely new concept. 

How can youinnovatively label the problem you solve?

I love the clean yellow backed image. Just 13 words and an image of Marie. 

Definitely one to try in your next campaign.

Facebook Ad Swipe Files

Understanding Quiz Opt-in Pages Tactics


Let’s take a look at a Marie Forleo Quiz opt-in page.

The Quiz is a lead generator for her Time Genius Program that launches in September.

This isn’t Marie’s best copy.

“Are bad habits costing you massive cash” doesn’t flow smoothly.

On the positive side:

  • Questions make great headlines. We are conditioned to answer questions even if they are asked on paper. This instantly starts a conversation in your visitors head.
  • The headline uses loss aversion. This is the strongest motivator for people. 
  • I love how Marie has come up with a way of calculating a dollar amount for the what your bad habits are costing you. If you’re bad habits cost you $20,000 a year and Marie has a course for $2,000 that will stop your bad habits of course you will buy it.
  • Learn how to EARN more by working LESS – Increasing primary promise – decreasing work required to get it. This formula works.

Opt-in Page Swipe Files

Facebook Lead Generation Strategies for Course Creators

Facebook Lead Generation Strategies for Course Creators

Facebook Lead Generation Strategies for Course Creators

Explore effective Facebook lead generation strategies tailored specifically for course creators. Learn how to attract high-quality leads and maximize your success in building your audience and launching your courses.
Facebook Lead Generation Strategies for Course Creators

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How to Get High-Quality Leads on Facebook

One of the biggest names in the game is winding up for a big launch.

From the 17th to 31 August, Jeff Walker will deliver his hotly anticipated PLF Launch.

More on that below, but a key topic Jeff will address during his launch is A.I.

And, more specifically, how to leverage A.I. for bigger, easier, and more profitable launches.

So from the end of July, Jeff has been running lead generation ads for his A.I. Launch Playbook.

This is a genius move. Driving registration for a launch too far in advance is pointless.

However, filling your list with people who are interested in a topic that you are going to focus on during your launch is a win-win.

Jeff gets low-cost, high-quality leads that are aligned with his launch and time to build trust.

The leads get immediate gratification for a top-of-mind problem and will be brought even deeper during the launch.

Let’s dive into the ads:


The allure of A.I. is dominating the headspace of online entrepreneurs all over the world.

When there is a wave in your industry, you best ride it.

The opening hook of the ad works because there is so much awareness and hype around A.I.

“Get my BEST AI prompts, shortcuts, & strategies…

… to launch & scale your business here:”

I like getting a link to the opt-in page early in the ad. 

I have found that ads with medium-length copy outperform short-form ads.

However, there are lots of people who won’t read longer form copy.

Putting your link high in the ad gives you the best of both worlds. 

You get an early CTA but provide additional information to convince people who need that little bit more.

One of the keys to writing engaging copy is making your sentences short.

When I can’t make a sentence less than 1 line, I love using “…” to break the sentence into two parts.

This approach is overused in this ad. The continuous use makes the copy hard to read.

Facebook Ads Swipe File

Opt-in Page Masterpiece – From Lead to Launch


The headline is far from the strongest proposition.

“Get the A.I. Edge… In Just One Click”

I don’t know what the A.I. edge is, and while one click tells me it is easy, it’s not either my:

  1. My primary fear/pain/challenge
  2. My #1 goal/dream/ambition

The fact that the topic is A.I. will more than make up for this, and the rest of the copy is sweet.

The subhead is where the magic kicks in. 

I’d love to see a test using the first line as the headline and changing the second line to – Get your proven….

Jeff delivers the A.I. Launch Playbook on the thank you page.

This is an interesting deviation from standard practice. 

If I was reading between the lines, they value the consumption of the lead magnet over inbox placement.

This may be because they plan to retarget opt-ins with ads to register for the upcoming masterclass, but they want to make sure people have consumed the lead magnet in advance.


Opt-in Page Swipe Files

Launch Strategies for Course Creators and Membership Site Owners

Launch Strategies for Course Creators and Membership Site Owners

Launch Strategies for Course Creators and Membership Site Owners

Discover effective launch strategies tailored for course creators and membership site owners. Learn how to optimize your approach to attract your perfect-fit clients and maximize your success.
Launch Strategies for Course Creators and Membership Site Owners

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Bootcamp Opt-in Page Mastery for Conversions

Nathania Stambouli has taken the yoga world by storm with her Yogi Flight School.


Yogi Flight School is a perfect example of solving a very specific top-of-mind issue.


Nathania teaches people how to do arm balances and inversions.


Will a beginner yogi be interested in this? No.


Will every experienced yogi be interested in this? No.


But, for a specific type of yogi, arm balances and inversions are their #1 pain point and dream. 


Yogi Flight School is exactly what they have been looking for.


Because Nathania solves a very specific problem, she can use incredibly specific language that instantly resonates with, attracts, and converts her perfect-fit clients.


The biggest trap online business owners fall into is being too broad, generic, and general.


Often, we are afraid to niche down and get specific because we’ll lose customers.


When in reality, the direct opposite is true. 


Solving a high-value, high-pain, specific issue is the key to online business success.


A lot of Nathania’s success comes down to the specificity of her front-end messaging.


Now, don’t think she only teaches Arm Balances and Inversion.


Once she has you in her world, she goes way broader, even beyond yoga teaching. 


But she keeps her front-end messaging to make sure she attracts her perfect-fit client.


A couple of weeks back, Nathania ran her big annual launch. 


Let’s take a look at her launch funnel.


Here’s her free bootcamp opt-in page.


Nathania sticks to the script with a textbook above the fold opt-in page.

  1. Pre-head – (always get FREE in there)
  2. Headline – {primary promise} without {misconception} or {frustration}
    • Nail your arm balances & inversion without more strength or years of face-planing!
  3. Sub Headline – (evidence to back up headline claim)
    • Discover the crucial principles that you don’t learn in yoga class….
  4. Image (transformation focus)
    • Demonstrate the transformation of your primary promise
  5. CTA

Observations and tests I’d run:

  1. At first glance, it looks like there are 3 headlines of equal importance. I would test moving FREE TRAINING WEEK into the logo position and reducing the font size of Yoga Ninja Bootcamp. 
  2. Saying there is a replay may increase registration but decrease live show-up rates. If it is a live class you want people to attend, don’t include this on the opt-in page. If your audience is global, then there is an argument for replays.
  3. I love the post CTA copy. It serves as body copy but reduces clutter before the CTA.
  4. I’d test adding transformation to the CTA – Yes, teach me to FLY today…


Opt-in Page Swipe Files

Crafting Compelling Facebook Ads for Your Launch


Great opening hook from Nathania; it’s short, clear, and concise.


“Imagine standing on your hands, elbows, and head with confidence.”


If you’ve been working on your arm balances and inversion practice… 


…or if you’re a yogi who has stared in awe at the cool kids in the yoga class standing on their hands, elbows, and heads, this hook is going to grab your attention. 


Effective copy is never about the volume of words. It’s about using the fewest “right” words.


But the only way to find the right words is to test.


I selected just a few of the opening hooks Nathania used in this campaign.  


When testing, the changes from control don’t have to be massive. 


The same theme with slightly different words can dramatically impact ad success.


Introducing concepts like “Yogi Flight Method” will increase curiosity and elevate the perceived value of your offer.


A unique mechanism underpins how you can help people get results where others fail.


Testing negative hooks is always a good idea. 


People will do two times more work to avoid pain than gain pleasure. 


I’m a positive guy, but the data tells me that negative hooks often get better results.


The resolution hook is always worth testing.

Right that’s it, this is the year for me, line drawn in the sand, I’m going to do it.

Observations and tests I’d run:

  • When it comes to ads, volume wins, and Nathania went all out on this campaign. (I’ve only included a small sample of the ads for the workshop above) The more ads you test, the more likely you will have a winner.
  • In the main ad I’d test moving the registration CTA from the 3rd line to below the 3 bullet points. “Secretly… your handstand and other shapes aren’t about strength…” is an interest builder. If this ad targeted cold audiences, the CTA might have been too early.
  • The text in the ad looks blocky and dense. I’m a big fan of 1 / 2 line paragraphs and adding color to break the copy up. Long sentences are harder to read than short sentences.   


Facebook Ad Swipe Files


High-Converting Sales Page Strategies for Course Creators


Onto the sales page.

Straight up, the headline is hard to read. 

You are better off with no hero image than one that interferes with your headline.

I’m going to give Nathania a break here. 

I narrowed the window width to screen grab the page.

However, testing your hero in various dimensions is important.

Your hero may look perfect on your desktop, but on smaller-resolution desktops or mobiles, it may look completely different.

I use this Chrome extension nearly every day:

It shows you what your landing page looks like in various formats. 


iPhone 13 View


MacBook Air View


24 Inch iMac View


My approach is design for mobile, and make sure you have a CTA above the fold on all devices.

On a sales page the CTA in the hero should bring people to the offer stack near the bottom of your sales page.

This makes sure potential customers have a good grasp of the value before they see the price.

Observations and tests I’d run:

  • This is a textbook sales page hero section. Specific tangible promise, linked to desirable transforamtion.
  • Countdown timer for deadline urgency
  • Social proof – 8,000 yogis fly upside down
  • Unique method – (I’d prefer if this was named) to get primary desire with primary frustrations.  
  • Check out the mobile view section under the video. I love “Gravity Panic” if you can label a fear your perfect-fit client has in a cool way they are going to instantly believe you will  be able to help them overcome their fear.
  • Video with a crazy face still frame will trigger people to press play just to see what is going on.

Sales Page Swipe Files


Email List Building for Course Creators & Membership Owners

Email List Building for Course Creators & Membership Owners

Email List Building for Course Creators & Membership Owners

Discover effective strategies for course creators and membership site owners to grow your email lists. Learn how to utilize Facebook ads and Front End Mini-Products to expand your audience and maximize your ROI.
Email List Building for Course Creators & Membership Owners

Here's what we have for you today

A “no hype” opt-in page 


If you have an online course or membership business, you need to grow your email list.

The quickest and easiest way to grow your email list is with Facebook ads.

But……Facebook ads cost money.

And it can be scary pumping cash into your ads and waiting until your next launch to figure out if you’ll get a return on your investment.

Enter the Front End Mini-Product.

The funnel looks like this:

If you are a long-time follower of L.A.U.N.C.H., you will know this is one of our favorite funnels.

In fact, helping people launch profitable Front End Mini-Products is a huge part of the work we do in our Ad Agency and the Lead2Launch Coaching program.

And, here is a beautifully simple example of a Front End Mini Product from Stu McLaren.

This is Stu’s primary evergreen lead gen funnel.

No hype, no crazy claims, just some A+, straight-talking, problem-solving, avatar-focused copy.

As I always say, the bigger you get, the less specific your primary promise needs to be.

But as big as Stu is, his ads will still end up in the feeds of people who have no clue who he is.

And, as these ads run all year round the opt-in and upsell must be converting.

In some ways, this goes against a lot of best practices.

It isn’t specific about the number of steps.

Apart from “profitable” it doesn’t have a specific defined primary promise, 

It isn’t wrapped in an attractive “container” (blueprint, step guide, cheatsheet).

It doesn’t give a timeline for implementation.

And it doesn’t explain how once you possess this knowledge, you will get the result you want easier and quicker than otherwise.

He does, however, use language that will instantly resonate with his audience:

  • Launch a successful and profitable membership site
  • build a successful membership around what you already know, love, and do.
  • reclaim your time and attract a community of paying members?

Sometimes, simple works. 

This is definitely an opt-in page template to stick up on your wall for your next funnel optimization session.

Opt-in Page Swipe Files

A profitable 24-word Facebook ad


Minimalist ad here from Stu. A minimalist ad for a minimalist funnel. 

Again, it’s almost as if this ad shouldn’t work. 

Like something a bored intern would throw together during their first week on the job.

And, yet, this ad has been running for just shy of a month. So, it must be doing something right.

The opening hook is strong. It signals who should pay attention, and it offers a desirable outcome.

Then, it skips right to the CTA.

A good hook can fill the A (Attention) & I (Interest) of AIDA. 

In this case, the D (Desire) is “scaling your membership”.

So, on a basic level, it still ticks all the boxes.

Every time I launch a Facebook ad campaign, I kick off with 3 lengths of ads.

  • Short (0 – 50 words)
  • Medium (50 – 100)
  • Long (100+)

Over multiple rounds of optimizations, my best-performing ads have always ended up either long medium or long-form copy.

But your mileage may vary.

Show short form copy some love and give this a try in your next round of copy.

Facebook Ads Swipe Files


A sales page that uses fear for good


While the design of the Front End Mini Product sales page is simple, the copy kicks into top gear.

I love the headline – “Will Your Idea For A Profitable Membership Site Actually Work?”

Talk about striking right to the very core fear of anyone considering launching a membership.

And the 4 positioning bullets are beautiful. 

The headline lands a punch, with the overarching fear.

Then, the positioning bullets get more specific with the internal dialogue that expresses that fear.

If you are thinking about launching a new membership, one of these 4 fears, dressed up as questions, will be rolling around your head.


Headlines are the most valuable real estate on your sales page.

In the Lead2Launch Sales Page Blueprint, there are 15 sections every sales page should have.

That’s a lot of sections. However, I believe you should spend as long drafting your headlines (or longer) than you do drafting the copy for the 15 sections.

People don’t read every section of your sales page.

They scan the page, reading primarily the headings.

When they see a heading that is most relevant to them they dive in and read that section before getting back to scanning the page.

The headlines throughout Stu’s sales page are fantastic:

  • So, How Do You Ensure Your Membership Is A Success Right From The Get Go?
  • Learn The Secrets To Instantly Attracting Your Perfect Buyer

(Get My Proven Framework To Help You Explain What You Do So That People Buy)

This is definitely one for the swipe files:

Sales Page Swipe Files

Lead Generation for Course Creators Gone Wrong

Lead Generation for Course Creators Gone Wrong

Lead Generation for Course Creators Gone Wrong

Dive into the analysis of a poorly executed funnel, uncovering key errors in opt-in pages, Facebook ads, and sales pages. Discover how to avoid these pitfalls and optimize your lead generation for course creators.
Lead Generation for Course Creators Gone Wrong

Here's what we have for you today

How not to generate leads

Normally L.A.U.N.C.H. features a big-name marketer with a funnel to die for.


They have killer hooks, awesome ads, seductive opt-in pages, and A+ offer pages.


I do the analysis and give you 3-7 key elements you can implement in your funnel to increase your conversion rates and ultimately make more $$$$’s.


This week instead of teaching by example I am going to show you the mistakes to avoid.


There I was searching for a killer funnel to review when an ad popped up – 

  • Learn how to rewire your brain


As a marketer I am obsessed with psychology and the brain so I was instantly hooked.


Into the funnel, I dove. 


On the surface, it looked the part. 


But the further I explored, the more cracks I discovered 


It was then I realized this is the poster child for KnowledgeCom funnel mistakes.


So let’s get stuck in.

Lead gen mistakes

Now this opt-in page is not part of the funnel, but it is available as a link from the hero section of the website’s home page.


  • If you’re launching an opt-in page please make sure it’s on your domain.

In this case, we can see they are using ConvertKit to host their opt-in page.

If you are going to invest in ads please make sure you spend the 10 minutes setting it up so your opt-in pages display on a custom domain.

It’s a small thing but these little things mount up.


  • ConvertKit is okay as a starting platform, but it is very limited

ConverKit has taken the creator world by storm. 

Having worked with a number of clients who use ConvertKit, its landing page templates are limited and it doesn’t have a build-from-scratch option.

Before you invest in ads, invest in a landing page builder that is fit for purpose.


  • Formatting is important

The headline shows promise – 7 things about the brain I wish I knew When I was younger.

This is a variation of the popular Twitter kook- 


  • 7 things I know at 40 about the brain I wish I knew at 20

But for the love of god, please watch the capitalisation of your headline. 

Either go with proper caps or all first letter caps. Don’t just stick one random capital letter into the headline.


  • Not making it about your prospect

I’m into Neuroplasticity. 

I’m interested in it, but I don’t care about it. I care about what it will help me do.

I care about it because it will help me learn and adapt quickly.

But that isn’t why I really care about it. 

I care about it because it will make me a better guitar player and business person.

It will help me make more money. 

It will help me achieve my goals faster and give me more time to sit on the beach sipping a pina colada (if that’s what you are into!)

This opt-in page leaves me completely cold.

I don’t know who Gregory Caremans is, and I don’t care about his journey.

When someone looks at your ad, all that is going through their head is…..

What’s in this for me? 

How does this solve a major pain point for me right now? 

How will my life be better once I have this?

They don’t care about Gregory’s stagnations and regressions.

In the words of Jerry Maguire, “Show me the money”


Opt-in Page Swipe Files

How not to write a boring Facebook ad

Ad optimization

Back to the funnel at hand.

This is the ad that caught my eye.

  • Learn how to rewire your brain

Now you have to remember I am a convert, which brings me to mistake #1. 

  • Be specific but don’t target too narrow an audience

I believe we can rewire our brains.

I know what’s possible when people rewire their brains, and I am looking for guidance on “how to”?

I am product-aware.

As for every other offer in the world, the solution-aware group will be the smallest cold audience group you can try to tap into. 

Unless the total addressable market is massive, most cold advertising to this group will fail. 

The stages of awareness that your customers fall into are as follows:

  • Unaware
  • Problem Aware
  • Solution Aware
  • Product Aware
  • Most Aware

Your cold ads need to target potential customers in the problem and solution-aware phases.

Lot’s of people want the benefits of neuroplasticity, but they’ve no clue what neuroplasticity is.

In this case, they’ll breeze right past this ad.

  • Don’t focus on the vehicle, focus on the destination

There is no primary promise in this ad.

This ad in no way answers the golden question… What’s in this for me?

It’s a good advertisement for neuroplasticity, but no one wants neuroplasticity.

Everyone wants what’s possible when they have a brain that can quickly learn and adapt.

And the fact is, most people don’t even care about that level. 

They want what they will feel on the next level after that.

They want attention and applause as they sit around the campfire playing everyone’s favorite song on their guitar.

They want the big house in the hills when their business takes off, and they make millions.

They want a “fully booked practice” when they can teach their clients to achieve remarkable things by teaching them how to develop neuroplasticity.

  • Don’t make it about you

Yes, we want to provide social proof

Yes, we want to provide proof that our program works. 

But instead of saying how brilliant you are, make it about your clients. 

Talk about the results your clients have achieved.

No one cares if this is your number 1 best-selling course.


“Neuroplasticity: How to rewire your brain” is our number one bestselling course. Over 114,000 participants have joined us already.”

….Into (and yes, I’m going to go a little overboard, but)…

Join over 114,000 people who have discovered my step-by-step blueprint to learn any skill 242% faster, effortlessly.

From getting a promotion or building your dream business, to finding a new job or cracking your childhood dream of solving the Rubik’s Cube. 

You will discover simple steps that you can apply every day to every task to hit your goals and create the life of your dreams. 

  • Don’t include the price in the ad unless it’s a major selling point

Just because something is $35 doesn’t mean it is attractive to people.

Including a price in your ad should only be done if it makes it a no-brainer for people.

Let’s say you are Tony Robbins, and people know you sell a program for $1,997.

If you are selling it for $35, that is an amazing deal, and people will buy it.

Let’s say you are retargeting your email list with ads, and they know the cheapest program you offer is $1,997.

If you launch a mini program at $35, that is an amazing deal, and people will buy it.

Facebook Ads Swipe Files

How not to write a dull sales page

sales page optimization

Brain Academy are using a simple(but challenging) Facebook ad > Mini-Product funnel.

For a $37 product this is not unheard of.

However, it puts a massive premium on the offer and your offer page copy.

You need to be elite-level to get this to work.

Unfortunately, like the previous steps, this offer page shows a lot of common mistakes infomarketers make

  • Don’t include general navigation on your sales page

This is a massive no-no.

The header section is a valuable space.

The #1 thing you need to include is a big buy now button.

You can include links, but make sure they are links to sections within the sales page.

Leading people away from the sales page back to the home page or about us page is a recipe for killing your conversion rates.

  • Don’t fluff the headline

$0.80 of your $1 is spent on your headline.

Brain Academy falls into the trap of talking about the vehicle rather than 

  1. i) the problem they solve or 
  2. ii) the ultimate promise they help people achieve.

I’m not going to repeat myself from the ad review section but despite telling people what the product does there is no away from or toward motivation imparted.

There is nothing for potential customers to get excited about and no reason for them to keep reading.

  • Don’t have a weak (and buried) primary promise

Somewhere down the page we finally come to the primary promise.

But unfortunately, it’s as weak as a 3-second dipped tea bag.

“Take life back into their own hands”

People want to be inspired. They want to imagine themselves as the heroes of their own story.

They need specifics about what their life will be like once they are endowed with their new superpower. 

But they are lazy. They can’t imagine it for themselves. They need you to spell it out.

They need to know how much, by when, and how they can get a guaranteed result with as little work as possible.

This might sound like direct marketer speak, but it is true.

And your offer needs to be designed from the ground up so you can make these claims

  • Don’t turn people off buying with dull module titles

If you don’t turn every module title into a curiosity-inducing, excitement-building, benefit-laden knock-out reason to buy, don’t list them on your sales page.

Unfortunately, this is a feature of teachable that I get all my clients to switch off immediately.

Seriously who is going to buy – “Scope of this course” or “neuroplasticity-sensorial-motoric-exercises”

No one wants to sit through hours of video. 

They want the greatest possible result, in the shortest possible time frame, with the least possible effort.

For titles to be inspiring they need to promise a big win.

That is what the person will be able to do when they have learned this skill or technique.

Sales Page Swipe Files

Optimizing Your Quiz Funnel for Maximum Conversions

Optimizing Your Quiz Funnel for Maximum Conversions

Optimizing Your Quiz Funnel for Maximum Conversions

Unlock the power of effective Facebook ads and high-converting opt-in pages to optimize your quiz funnels for maximum conversions.
Optimizing Your Quiz Funnel for Maximum Conversions

Here's what we have for you today


A curiosity invoking quiz opt-in page

quiz opt-in page

As a L.A.U.N.C.H. subscriber you know we love a good Quiz.


Well, Amy Porterfield has just launched a new Quiz so we had to dive in.


Interesting approach here from Amy. 


The primary promise of the Quiz is to discover if you are one of the 3 types of people who could replace their income with a Digital Course.


Then as the main above-the-fold image, she blurs out the three types.


This is sure to build curiosity. Which will drive people to sign up for the quiz.


It is also potentially a big waste of really valuable above-the-fold real estate.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say this page will convert really well for Amy but I would urge caution with this approach.


Directly below the hero section, Amy reverts to more standard practice.

In fact, if I were to see this section above the fold, I wouldn’t have asked any questions.

Amy really cuts to the core of her audience’s desire with the headline.

Could ONE Digital Course Realistically Replace Your Client Work? Your 9-5 Salary?

We’re a big fan of alliteration. However, in this headline, I would remove “Realistically”.

Could ONE Digital Course Replace Your Client Work? Your 9-5 Salary? 

This version Is shorter, snappier, and easier to understand. 

A word like realistically may spark skepticism in the reader. Skepticism leads to distrust.


Opt-in Page Swipe Files


Psst..want the secret to a killer opening hook?

Opening hook

Opening hook swipe right there!

I’ll let you in on a little secret, X to X.

  • I’ll let you in on a little secret, quilter to quilter.
  • I’ll let you in on a little secret, herbalist to herbalist.
  • I’ll let you in on a little secret, yogi to yogi

People love to feel they are on the inside. That they know something others don’t.

People want to feel like they are in the popular gang.

You can definitely leverage it in your ads.

This ad is more than likely a retargeting ad for Amy’s second signature program – 

List Builders Society.

I say retargeting because running FB ads to a cold audience for a $497 product is a tough ask. 

Even for Amy Porterfield.

Facebook Ads Swipe Files


A super sales page conversion boosting web app

sales page conversion

Amy has a defined offer page layout, and I am a big fan.


Easy on-page navigation at the top. 


Very prominent Enrol Now button in the header.  


Image to the left. Headline, Subhead, and hero body to the right.


But what I really love and you should check out today is a widget in the middle of the offer page:



Look for the section: Calculate How Long It Will Take To See Your Subscribers Tick Up


Depending on how many hours you can dedicate a week you can move the slider.


As you do the “You’ll be finished in” time changes.


As well as being a really cool web app. This is a very powerful psychological mechanism.


It puts the power and results of the program in the hands of the user.


The question is no longer will I get a result from this program.


The result is guaranteed. The only variable is the amount of time I put into it.


It also tells me that I can take the program in my own time. 


This is especially important as we approach Christmas.


I also love how Amy has worded her payment plan:

  • Buy Now + Pay Monthly
  • Buy Now + Get An Extra Bonus

This is likely to save her lots of time and energy dealing with refund requests or payment plan stoppage requests.

Sales Page Swipe Files


Effective Facebook Ads Strategies for Mini-Product Sales

Effective Facebook Ads Strategies for Mini-Product Sales

Effective Facebook Ads Strategies for Mini-Product Sales

Discover effective Facebook ads strategies for maximizing mini-product sales. Learn how to craft high-converting ads and optimize your sales pages for success. Unlock the secrets to successful mini-product sales with insider tips and swipe files.
Effective Facebook Ads Strategies for Mini-Product Sales

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Mastering Facebook Ads for Mini-Product Success

Here at are L.A.U.N.C.H. we love mini-products.

They are the number one way to attract high-quality, purchase-qualified, clients into your world.

Our favorite model is Paid Ad > Lead Magnet > Mini-Product Upsell.

The old-school way was Paid Ad > Mini-Product.

The challenge with the old-school model is you only have a single shot at making the sale.

With the Lead Magnet up front, you capture emails for up to 60% – 70% of opt-in page visitors.

Your mini-product is offered to everyone who opts in. 

And, because you have their email, you can send a 5/7 part email follow-up sales sequence.

Sure, you can sell directly from the ad, but it’s playing the game on hard mode.

And, with the rising cost of ads, we need to adapt our approach.

So what does the game look like on hard mode?

Let’s take a look at a Facebook ad driving people directly to a $47 mini-product.


I love how clear the primary promise of the ad is. 

For anyone who’s never tried, (or can’t remember) learning the guitar, the early days are excruciating.

All you want is to be able to move fast and for the chords to sound clear.

Everyone tells you that practice is key, but very few people tell you how to practice.

The opening line is a catcall to anyone struggling to learn the guitar.

Next, we see a “before-after bridge”. 

Here are all the negative things you’re currently experiencing……

And once you “take the challenge,” here are all the great things you’ll experience.

I like the use of the open loop – And that’s just in 11 of the 14 lessons. 

So what’s in the other 3 lessons? This will build curiosity and memorability.

The ad is then wrapped up with a 300% money-back guarantee.

Remember, the objective of the ad is to get people to the sales page, not to sell the product.

This is a beautiful ad template you can easily swipe and recreate in your ad campaigns.

Facebook ads Swipe File

High-Converting Mini-Product Offer Page Template


Here’s the above-the-fold section of the $47 sales page for the 14-day chord challenge. 

Let’s start with the name – 5 Minute Guitar.

People are lazy. 

They want you to guarantee their wildest dreams will come through, immediately without any work.

I love 5 Minute Guitar. The unspoken promise is clear. 

Your guitar dreams can come through doing just 5 minutes of practice.

The core premise of the ad is reflected on the sales page – slow and buzzy chords.

This is an important point. 

As you optimize your ads, you may find a mismatch between your ads and your landing page.

Make sure you keep the messaging aligned on both once you find your winning ad.

When you focus on a specific problem, it makes writing headlines easy.

“Confidently play with accurate, fast chord changes in just 14 days.“

The claim in the headline is then backed up in the subhead…

…“step-by-step system”….. “the ultimate practice routine”.

This puts people at ease that there is a proven path to follow. And that they can get the promised results.

If you don’t have a “Go From…To Statement”, take 15 minutes today to create a first draft.

Go from {undesirable state} to {desirable state}

Go from sounding like a beginner to confidently play the songs you love.

Check out the sales page swipe file for even more inspiration for your own high-converting mini-product offer page.

Offer Page Swipe File

Insider Strategies for Crafting High-Converting Quiz Funnels

Insider Strategies for Crafting High-Converting Quiz Funnels

Insider Strategies for Crafting High-Converting Quiz Funnels

Discover insider strategies for crafting high-converting quiz funnels. Learn how to optimize Facebook ads, create compelling quiz opt-in pages, and maximize conversions with swipe files and expert insights.
Insider Strategies for Crafting High-Converting Quiz Funnels

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Crafting Persuasive Facebook Ads to Your Quiz Funnel

You know we have a soft spot for quiz funnels here at LAUNCH HQ… 

…and today we are continuing the love affair.

Let’s dive into a Facebook ad for Dayna Abraham’s quiz funnel.

Dayna has been perfecting the ads and her quiz funnel for years. 

This funnel has produced hundreds of thousands of leads and millions in revenue.



I love the opening hook of this ad.

“Did you know there are actually 5 unique behavior types in children?”

First, it immediately positions who should pay attention to the ad without saying, “attention parents”.

As a parent, you will immediately be drawn into the ad. “I didn’t know there were 5 behavior types.” This builds instant curiosity.

If you are a parent of a child with behavioral issues, this hook instantly talks to a #1, can’t sleep at night, bleeding neck, pain point.

But notice how Dayna doesn’t speak of behavioral “issues”. 

Dayna uses the word unique. This takes all the blame and judgment out of the ad.

She then explains how knowing your child’s unique behavior type will help you handle their behavior in the moment.

And the consequences of not knowing your child’s behavior type – “fueling the madness or calming the chaos.”


Facebook ad Swipe Files


Unlocking the Power of Quiz Funnel Strategies


A well-optimized quiz funnel is the lowest cost lead generation asset you can develop. 


There are 3 quiz frameworks: Type, Killer and Score. 


The “Type” quiz fits perfectly with Dayna’s subject.


We all want to know what category we fit into. 


As parents, we are especially interested in what category our child falls into.


Despite our desires for our child to be unique and one of a kind.


Dayna does a great job of balancing this on her quiz opt-in page.


Immediately people visiting the page are hit with a countdown timer. 


This increases the urgency to take action now and triggers scarcity.


The entire copy for the page is just 39 words. 


It’s not the number of words that matters but the impact of the words.


Beautiful use of social proof above the fold here, blending both media outlets with mass appeal like USA Today and Lifehacker with niche-specific ones like Institute of Child Psychology and Parents.


One of the reasons why quiz funnels get such low-cost conversions is due to the sunk cost principle.


The quiz begins immediately, asking questions about you and your situation. 


This stokes self-interest.


It isn’t until the end of the quiz that you are asked for your email address. 


At that stage, you have answered all the questions. You have sunk effort into completing the quiz. 


Now to get the results, you need to enter your email address. 


Consistency will force you to follow through and supply your email address.

Innovative Strategies for Challenge Launch Funnels

Innovative Strategies for Challenge Launch Funnels

Innovative Strategies for Challenge Launch Funnels

Unlock high-converting tactics for your challenge launch funnels with innovative strategies. Explore the double funnel approach, reducing lead acquisition costs while increasing revenue per lead. Discover insights and swipe files for a successful online launch.
Innovative Strategies for Challenge Launch Funnels

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Challenge Launch Funnel – Strategies for High Conversions

There’s always more than one way to skin a cat….

Let’s dive into an interesting Challenge Launch Funnel from Marisa Murgatroyd.

Selling online is continuously evolving. 

As a launch method becomes popular, it loses its magic, and we need to innovate.

Challenge launches have been all the rage since the summer of 2020.

Getting sign-ups for a challenge was like shooting fish in a barrel.

2023 is a very different world. That doesn’t mean that challenges don’t work anymore.

It just means we need a little more ingenuity. 

The goal is to reduce our Cost Per Lead and increase our pre-launch Revenue Per Lead.

Marisa is following a trend we started to see emerge about 6-8 months ago.

I call it the double funnel launch. We’ve analyzed a similar approach by Ryan Levesque back in issue 53 of the Newsletter.

This approach splits your paid traffic between sending people directly to the opt-in for the challenge and sending people to a lead magnet opt-in that offers the challenge as your next step.

The hope here is that you can reduce your front-end lead acquisition cost, as the CPL for the lead magnet can be 25%-50% of the cost of a challenge opt-in.

Then both opt-ins offer an upsell to VIP for the challenge.

Reviewing funnels every week, it feels like the days of a fully free launch workshop are limited.

The VIP upsell is now a constant feature in most launches, and seeing the conversion stats of people with paid launches, it’s getting harder and harder to argue for the free model.

So let’s take a look at Marisa’s double funnel opt-in pages:

Lead Magnet Opt-in Page

Challenge Launch Funnel

Challenge Opt-in Page

Challenge Launch Funnel

I’m a big fan of Marisa’s clean and simple opt-in page designs.

The stand-out element of both pages is the headlines:

  • The 20 Most Profitable Online Course Mega-Niches
  • The Fast, Free, Proven Way to Make Sure Your Online Course Idea Is Profitable — Before You Create It

Fast, Free and Proven – 3 massive conversion boosting words one after another.

Both headlines deal with objections. 

I don’t know what niche to pick & I don’t know if people will buy my course.

I love how these are sequential problems. 

Marisa is casting a wide net. 

The lead magnet hooks people who want to start an online business but don’t yet know their topic.

The challenge is for people who have a topic but don’t know where to go next.

The beauty of the double funnel is that Facebook will be able to identify the perfect people for each funnel and will target them accordingly. 

Jump down to Uplevel Ads to see Marisa’s ad copy.

Opt-in Page Swipe Files

A.I.D.A. Framework: Persuasive Launch Facebook Ads Strategy

Facebook Ad For Lead Magnet Opt-in 

Launch Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad For Challenge Opt-in


Notice how both ads open with a question. 

In A.I.D.A. framework, asking a question is one of the best ways to capture people’s attention.

Marisa leads with the problem and instantly positions who should pay attention to the ad.

In both cases, she establishes authority and credibility. 

But remember you will always be best served when your authority is based around the results you have helped others achieve.

I love the bullet points in the challenge ad.

Get out of overwhelm, stop procrastinating, and find the perfect course idea that’s right for you.

Facebook Ad Swipe Files

Challenge Opt-in Upsell – The Next Logical Step For Your Clients

challenge opt-in upsell

Instead of the traditional VIP package Marisa has gone with an upsell the impeccably named:
Instant Clarity Toolkit.

Not everyone wants to pay for extra calls and call recordings, but who wouldn’t want help with the most critical and challenging parts of coming up with their course idea?

I don’t think pricing this at $7 or $17 would affect the upsell conversion rate.

This is a beautifully aligned offer that encourages little step after little step in a logical and throughout way.

Challenge Upsell Swipe Files