$1 Trial Facebook Ad Review – Dean Graziosi

Let’s look at a Facebook ad from Dean Graziosi sending people to a $1 trial of his $47 per month Mastermind.com membership.


I like this opening hook – 


“Who else is looking for answers? Answers to the really hard questions, like” 


It’s a little vague, but it is curiosity building. Aren’t we all looking for answers?


We want the opening lines of our ad to reel in our perfect-fit client. 


One powerful way to do this is to get them to answer a question and trigger a conversation in their head. 


Dean then brings them deep into what those “hard questions” are. 


The questions that keep his Perfect-Fit Client awake at night – Protecting loved ones – Become the person we know we wanna be – To thrive instead of survive. 


He’s connecting with the ultimate outcome his audience wants.


If you can show people you can read their minds, they will instantly believe you have the solution that will get them what they want.


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